Monday, May 14, 2007

Love The Transformer

From Norma Gentile:

This is channeled material, and as such, each of you reading must feel for yourself where the truth of any statement may be. As a channel, my task is to translate the impulses of energies from Guides and Angels into words. If I have done my job well, it is not because my words are perfect, but rather that the telepathic energies with which I was touched by the Guides and Angels have been made available to each of you. In this fashion, you will 'hear' or 'know' the truth arising from within yourself as you read the words of this article.

Years ago Thoth told me that the key to our planet's survival lay at the base of the tailbone of the male physical body. "Therein is hidden the secret key which unlocks consciousness. When your [humanity's] consciousness is unlocked, then and only then may you see us with your eyes."

In order for humanity to 'see' beyond the third dimension, we must unlock what has been hidden within men's bodies. Thoth has declined to say more about this, indicating instead the importance of inviting men into the ongoing process of awakening. The following information is a part of that process.

From Atamira and Amano:


Love is above all the transformer of your planet. In a radical statement, we would add that this quality of love does not act, nor is it so readily available on other planets. Strange, that in your area of free will you have also developed the potential for a deeper resonance, through the human heart, with the intricacies of Nature, and so with the threads of creative energy that weave together the universe.

Sacred Energies which are drawn into partners during the act of sex are strong enough nowadays to release the partners from Karma. This includes their own personal Karma, shared Karma between them, and even those resonant patterns of Karma shared with other aspects of their souls and other beings out into the Universe.


Yes, there is a correlation between the rise in the use of male sexual enhancement drugs and the rising tendency towards war.

How is this possible? In the present moment of human consciousness, the mind acts as the male principle, giving structure, shape and form to the emotional energies generated during any acts of sexual intimacy.

For most couples there is an agreement of potentialities that they will explore in their relationship. This is largely unspoken, and agreed upon in higher realms near the soul level.

At some point one or both partners might decide to create new potentialities, usually in response to the availability of new earth energies. Oftentimes this has been the partner whose soul has the highest amount of female energy (the physical gender does not matter here), as it is the Sacred Feminine earth energies which are awakening before the Sacred Masculine in this cycle. A new job, perhaps a new interest in a field of spiritual healing; a desire to connect deeply with others or with the natural world are common signs of a soul shifting into new potentialities.

The shifting partner then has a choice — to move alone, separating some energies from the partner's energies, or to wait, growing only so far, so as not to leave him/her behind.

For some the choice of growth has meant the need to disconnect from the shared energy field of relationship. There may be divorce, or in some cases marriage may not include sexual relationship with a partner for an extended period of time.

Remember too that by relationship we mean not just with another but within yourself. If your female emotional energies are being untruly patterned by your male mind during sexual arousal your own process is one of disconnecting that patterning. This is, in our view, the primary cause of impotence in the male of your species today.

As the male heart awakens, he feels the wounds that the profane masculine has inflicted into the world. Not wishing to maintain his contribution, he disconnects his ability to act. This is true of all of your species, be you in male or female bodies.

Where the mental pattern is inappropriate to the growth of the soul, the sexual urge is shut down as a safety precaution. This allows time and possibility for emotional and spiritual growth. As these come into balance with the soul's journey, the ability and interest in sexual energies returns.

From Norma:

In our culture orgasm is seen as a goal, rather than a process. Yet Sacred Sex is about creating a quality of energy between the partners, which is then magnified and directed by the sexual orgasm. The quality of thought and attention acts like a match, and in the moment of orgasm that match is struck upon the emotions. In the moments following orgasm the match has the potential to heal as it ignites the aura of the physical body.

When the sexual urge is extinguished, it is much like blowing out a match, rather than igniting a gas burner which has been left on too long, and gas has filled the room. The match would ignite the gas throughout the entire room, not just at the burner!

In using sexual enhancing drugs, a bridge is rebuilt between the mind and body. But the heart is not clear, nor is it included! For this reason many women are not happy about the rise in the use of these drugs. We would say that easily 70 percent of those using enhancements, are circumventing their own growth in the short term.

The use of sex drugs allow for the unresolved anger that most men carry to continue to flow through their sexual fluids and energetic emissions during intercourse into the pelvis of their female partners. It allows the man's fantasies and thoughts to dive into the golden pond of a woman's energy, held next to her internal G spot.

Oftentimes, the impotence of a male is initiated by the female partner's rejection of continuing to accept his unresolved anger or mental fantasies on an energetic level. This is an unconscious level agreement made by both partners. The male then is under pressure to resolve and grow again the connections through his heart in order to enjoy the sexual embrace and pleasure once again.

With the use of enhancement drugs, this bridge is rebuilt between mind and body, without the cleansing actions needful in the heart. And so the Holy Grail within the female body, which contains the creative potential between partners, is again patterned by the outdated thoughts and unresolved emotions.

As before, we note that the male role need not be solely the male body nor the male mind or thoughts. The male role can be played by a male or female physical body. It is the mind, the quality of focus, to which we refer.


The use of conscious sexuality can break or release individuals and partners from Karma. It is possible because the quality of heart energies generated during passion flow through the grids of energy interlocking the partners. These grids of energy match grids around and through the earth, as well as grids around and throughout the creation matrix of the universe. Put bluntly, your thoughts during orgasm can create a star galaxies away. Or heal your body. Or heal your partner's body.

Know that we and all others in the universe, support you, challenge you when needed, and honor you always in your journey.

With the deepest of love we both leave you now,

Atamira and Amano

Channeled by Norma Gentile

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