Monday, May 14, 2007


18 states can't be WRONG!

16 states have pending Anti-NAU legislation and 2 states have passed Anti-NAU or Anti-SPP legislation in both their House and Senate!!! Join the FIGHT!

Detailed Analysis of the North American Union (Jump) North American Union Overview
  • Established in March 2005, the "Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP) is "integrating" core aspects of the United States, Canada and Mexico into a European Union (EU) style political, economic and strategic entity.This "Fully" developed "Union" includes an "Economic Union", a "Currency Union" and a "Political Union" in essence making a regional "super-nation" whereas the individual nations are subordinate to the larger "Union" body. The SPP Agenda is integrating the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a Common Economic Community or "Economic Union" where the "FREE" movement of people and labor within the "North America Community" ("the region"), will result in corporations within the North America Community becoming more competitive while reducing the standard of living for most U.S. citizens while wages within the region equalize across the three nations. Refer to the formation of the "North American Competitiveness Council" (NACC), which is comprised of major U.S., Canadian and Mexican corporations directing significant aspects of the SPP Agenda. The "Comprehensive Immigration Plan" proposed by President Bush is part of the SPP Agenda.. Refer to the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007" (S.9). To lookup legislation go to: Core aspects of this integration under the SPP include commerce, financial, regulatory and security (including military) elements of our three nations. To review the current progress click HERE. A "Currency Union" has been discussed and proposed. This would result in a common currency used throughout the region similar to Euro used within the EU. Many refer to this new currency as the "Amero" This integration is REAL and the final phases of implementation are "On-track" for a 2007 phased roll-out. Significant aspects under the SPP Agenda have already been implemented!!Some call this a "Conspiracy Theory" - in truth they are RIGHT!!!
  • This "Conspiracy" is transpiring between top U.S., Canadian and Mexican officials, the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security and the Media who are keeping these plans out of the public spotlight!
If you care about our national sovereignty, our cherished American freedoms, the United States Constitution, American independence, retaining the American standard of living, and other unique values and features that adhere to the American
  • way of life - then you should support ALL efforts to STOP the North American Union!
  • If you are concerned about our "Open" borders policies then you should understand the SPP Agenda and how enforcing our current immigration laws are contrary to these policies.
  • If you are concerned about U.S. manufacturing job losses under the policies of NAFTA then you should be concerned about how the implementation of the North American Union will devastate the middle and lower class wage earners here in the U.S. Under the SPP, the failures of NAFTA are not being used to repeal the policies but rather to expand them and increase foreign aid to Mexico.
BYE BYE AMERICA .... and no one in the main stream media. (Except Lou Dobbs) - seems to care....

Legal Challenge Planned to Annexation of Canada

Thursday, 23 August 2007, Lachine, Quebec, Canada

I am a former legal secretary with Paul Martin's law firm long before he was Prime Minister. I was a floater, working in different departments, replacing secretaries, taking on overload, doing emergency jobs. I was frequently requested, by name, by the senior partners.

My areas were mostly commercial and real estate with some litigation (factums). I am now 54.

I have been studying Constitutional Law of Canada independently, day and night, 365 days a year for nearly four years now, ever since I found out the Constitution is gone.

Chretien and the gang nullified it with a legislative scam in 2001. One of their tools is to manufacture precedents by instituting bogus cases (procedural nullities) at s. 96 Courts (Provincial Superior Courts) to get the "rubber stamp". They then invoke the cases to alter the Constitution or the state of the law. One clue to a bogus case of this kind can be a massive media show surrounding it. The attention gives it "credibility" it does not otherwise have. It's the "nothing up my sleeve" trick while they are actually pulling the trick.

The Liberals and the Conservatives and the Separatists and the NDP are all ONE big party (The Annexation Party) under different labels, acting out a SCAM under orders to keep Canadians and everyone else hoodwinked as to what is really going on. PAUL DESMARAIS took over Canada many decades ago by parachuting his own people into all the parties, and then into every Prime Minister's Office. We have NO DEMOCRACY, he and his gang at the CCCE also own all the press.

Here's the site where I will be posting my proceedings when they are ready:

I would appreciate a link, if you would be kind enough to give me one. Thank you for your time.

Kathleen Moore, Canada
Hi Kathleen,
Canada's parties sound just like here...great way to divide and conquer the population.

Of course I will be happy to put a link to your site on my blogs.

Thank you for posting here.

Hi, Alice, you are more right than you know. These guys have constituted themselves as a new kind of Foreign Power. They are not our people, they are somebody else's and they trick us all into voting them in. They're the political cuckoo in the government nest. We need to get the cuckoos out.

I have a couple of ideas. I posted a new page to my site today, here's the message I am emailing everywhere:

Sunday, 26 August 2007 21h12

North American Union can be stopped in Canada. Read my web site. The Secession of Quebec from Canada is a pretext for the annexation of Canada, it's a pretext for carrying out the North American Union. I added a page this weekend (26 August 2007) since I sent out my last e-news:

- - - -

To the Legislators:

How many of those corporations who
are taking our countries down have State, Provincial or federal Charters? Revoke, annul and repeal the Charters, and they cease to exist. Take action directly against those committing the treason. Corporate Charters are not issued for those purposes; their misuse entails their repeal. The corporations are vulnerable, they DO NOT EXIST without the law that incorporates them. They DO NOT EXIST without their Charters. Pull the Charters.

Canadian Council of Chief Executives, as one example, lists their members at their web site. How many of these are transnational corporations with Charters in one or more of the Canadian Provinces and the American States?

What are we all afaid of? Cancel them! Hit DELETE !!!!

Send this message to every one of your State Legislatures, so they can take action.

Kathleen Moore, Montreal, Canada
- - - - -
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