Sunday, June 03, 2007

Presidential Hopeful Alexander wants $10 Minimum Wage

Stewart A. Alexander for President Peace and Freedom Party June 3, 2007 The Democratic control Congress recently passed a minimum wage increase tied to a Bush-Iraq War spending bill for $120 billion; within the next two years America’s lowest paid wage earners will receive a $2.10 pay increase. Presidential hopeful Stewart A. Alexander says, “It’s not enough.” Minimum wage earners have not received a pay increase since 1997, during the Clinton administration, when it was increased to $5.15 per hour. The pay increase will add .70 cents to minimum wage checks by September of this year; however the $2.10 pay increase fall extremely short of what is needed for America’s working class to maintain a living with the increase cost of living. The recent gasoline price increases have already consumed the initial .70 cent increase before the first dime will show on a pay check. Within the past seven months gasoline prices have climbed more than $1.00 per gallon and Congress is allowing the petroleum giants to give themselves billion dollar pay increases weekly. Besides gasoline prices the cost is rapidly increasing on everything; food, housing, utilities and transportation (auto expenses and auto insurance). Five individual earning a minimum wage would need to live under one roof just to make ends meet under the new federal minimum wage standards. Stewart Alexander, with the Peace and Freedom Party, wants more for America’s working class. Alexander wants to increase the federal minimum wage by $5.10 per hour, or to $10.25 per hour, effective 2007 with cost of living adjustments. This would almost double the minimum wage; a campaign promise Alexander made when he was campaigning in the race for California lieutenant governor in 2006. Alexander says, “The Democrats have sold out the American working class for pennies; pennies aren’t worth anything, neither are the promises of the Democrats.” The Peace and Freedom Party has been an advocate for working people since 1967; when the organization was established. The PFP demands a guaranteed dignified income for everyone and for those who cannot work, and a Universal Basic Income to alleviate poverty and homelessness. Alexander notes that the Democrats are out of touch with America’s working class. Recently Senator Edward Kennedy spoke regarding the $2.10 minimum wage increase saying, “No one who works hard for a living should have to live in poverty,” yet the senator added his vote with other Democrats to keep minimum wage earners living in poverty. For more information search the Web for: Stewart A. Alexander; Millions Struggling to Survive on Low Wages; Alexander wants Students Tips Tax Exempt; Alexander: PFP Setting Tone for 2008. stewartalexander4paf [at]

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