Monday, June 04, 2007


With Contributions From Our Readers The editor's Top Ten list: 1. A nationalized U.S. energy industry required by law to develop alternative non-fossil fuel energy sources. Federal compensation to oil industry shareholders not to exceed 25 percent of their holdings. 2. British Prime Minister George Galloway and British Foreign Secretary Ken Livingston. A King Charles III who is committed to stemming and reversing global warming. 3. An International Criminal Court trial in The Hague with indicted George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and all their neo-con advisers and facilitators in the docket. 4. A new Middle East map with a free Republic of Lebanon devoid of foreign troops, an independent Syria (including the Golan Heights), the independent Republic of Palestine with the right of free transit between Gaza and the West Bank, the Confederation of Iraq devoid of foreign troops, an independent Republic of Kurdistan in northern Iraq internationally prohibited from expanding its borders, a denuclearized and wall-less State of Israel with international security guarantees, the International Territory of Jerusalem (Old City) governed by the United Nations in association with Jewish, Muslim, and Christian local authorities, the Republic of Hejaz and Nejd replacing the corrupt and Bush-connected Saudi Arabia, and a nuclear weapons-free Iran with a fully-functioning U.S. embassy in Tehran. 5. A Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and a Canadian Prime Minister Jack Layton re-negotiating NAFTA that favors labor, small business, and farmers. Dissolution of NATO and the US Northern Command. Cuban membership in the new NAFTA without pre-conditions regarding its government and leadership. 6. Universal health care for all Americans. Nationalization of certain sectors of the pharmaceutical industry. Legalization of marijuana. 7. Universal and improved public education for all Americans. Dissolution through nationalization and carefully-vetted resale of the media empires of Rupert Murdoch, Silvio Berlusconi, and other media barons. Restoration of the FCC's Fairness Doctrine for radio and TV. Federal regulations requiring corporations that own news organizations to spin them off to private journalistic cooperatives. No corporate or government control of the Internet. A total ban on dual nationality for U.S. citizens. 8. Federal taxation of all religious-connected businesses and mega-properties. Retroactive repeal of tax exempt status for all foundations and institutes connected with the Bush administration's war policies. Requirement that all organizations that represent foreign countries and interests register as foreign agents with the Department of Justice. 9. Repeal of all Bush administration anti-constitutional laws and administrative orders. 10. Progressive Executive and Legislative Branches in the United States that will begin the process of impeachment of Bush-appointed federal judges, cut the bloated defense budget (replacing the Department of Defense with the Department of Peace and the Department of Homeland Security with the Department of Civil Defense), repeal tax cuts for billionaires, and restore America's image in the world. Dissolution of the Directorate of National Intelligence. Place the Central Intelligence Agency under the Department of State. (Thanks dada...)

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