Thursday, September 20, 2007


Parents of Slain Peace Activist Rachel Corrie Denied Caterpillar Suit The parents of the slain American peace activist Rachel Corrie have been denied an attempt to sue the manufacturer of the bulldozer that claimed her life. A federal appeals court has ruled Craig and Cindy Corrie can’t sue the Illinois-based Caterpillar because that would force the judiciary to rule on a foreign policy issue decided by the White House. In their ruling, the three-judge panel said the case can’t go to court: “without implicitly questioning, and even condemning, United States foreign policy towards Israel.’ Rachel Corrie was killed on March 16 2003 in the Palestinian town of Rafah. An Israeli military-operated bulldozer ran her over as she stood in front of a Palestinian home set for demolition. She was wearing a fluorescent orange vest in full view of the bulldozer’s driver. The Corries want Caterpillar held liable on grounds it knew the bulldozers were to be used to demolish homes in violation of international law. Caterpillar based its defense on proving the bulldozers were in fact paid for by U.S. military aid to Israel. The Corries say they will continue to challenge Caterpillar and the U.S. government.

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