Monday, September 10, 2007

Socialist Presidential Candidates at America’s Crossroads

Stewart A. Alexander for President Peace and Freedom Party Socialist Party USA September 10, 2007 Today Americans are faced with a broad range of complex issues not seen since the American Civil War; a war that divided America and created a clash of ideologies. Now, more than 140 years since the end of Civil War, Americans are faced with greater challenges and 11 socialist presidential candidates with Socialist Party USA and Peace and Freedom Party believe a new direction for the nation is critical. All 11 presidential candidates embrace the principles of socialism and believe that it is the direction that America must take to survive. The Democrats and the Republicans are the capitalist parties and they only represent the interest of the capitalist. Most Americans have a limited understanding about what the socialist presidential candidates have to offer; however today many Americans are beginning to realize that the promises of the capitalist are not intended to meet the needs of working class people. America’s working class is suffering the effects of a two party system that is taking over 90 percent of the nation down a road of financial destruction. Under the poor leadership of the Democrats and Republicans, close to 2 million Americans will lose their homes this year and it is being projected that another 3 million will lose their homes in 2008. The mortgage lending crisis is jeopardizing the financial security of millions of Americans and will impact the income of working class people nationwide; in the housing market, construction, retail and commercial markets, and the transportation industry. The working class paychecks are getting smaller while the cost of living is consuming the checks of entire families. By contrast, American CEO’s and top corporate executives are receiving incomes and benefits in the millions of dollars and the gap between those that have and those that have not is wider than ever. The socialist candidates do not all agree on the same approach in addressing the needs of America’s working class; however all the candidates agree that a new direction is needed and that direction is socialism. Recently Congress approved legislation to increase the paychecks of millions of Americans by $2.10 per hour. Socialist Candidate Eric Chester from Massachusetts emphasizes “The Socialist Party stands for fair wages starting with a $15 minimum wage.” The Congressional package of the Democrats and Republicans will only raise the minimum wage to less than half of what is being proposed by the socialist candidate. Candidate Brian Moore from Florida says, “I will emphasize a guaranteed income (approximately $10,000 per family per year) and a decent housing for all families.” Candidate Moore is also calling for “the elimination of exorbitant executive salaries, outsourcing of jobs and companies, and calls for an end to for-profit corporations.” Candidate Mary Alice Herbert from Vermont, a socialist vice presidential candidate, is campaigning for “socialize healthcare, free education from pre-school through graduate school and affordable housing.” Candidate Herbert would also support federal spending on rebuilding this country’s infrastructure to create jobs. Candidate Tino Rozzo from New Jersey notes, “No doubt the working class and wealthy class have nothing in common. The divisions are too extreme and the working class must be free from the exploitation of the capitalist class.” All 11 presidential candidates differ sharply with the Democrats and Republicans on the issue of protecting the healthcare needs of the nation. Over 47 million Americans are without healthcare coverage and America has fallen behind all the industrialized nations in matters involving healthcare. All of the socialist candidates oppose having private corporations managing the nation’s healthcare needs; a system that is based on corporate profits. Candidate Stanley Hetz from Pennsylvania says, “I believe that all citizens of the United States should have free medical care.” Candidate Dwight Welch from Illinois says, “I would make this the central issue of my campaign. I support Socialist Party’s position working with the model of the British NHS but I am willing to consider the possibilities of Canada’s single payer healthcare system.” All of the socialist candidates have strong opinions on most national issues, supporting a woman’s right to choose, supporting Affirmative Action, supporting equal rights for non-heterosexuals, supporting equal rights for non-citizens, supporting free education for students, and providing for the needs of seniors. The Democrats and Republicans differ sharply from the socialist candidates and with most Americans regarding the Iraq War. While the two corporate parties are considering giving President Bush another $145 billion to continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, the socialist candidates are demanding an immediate withdrawal from both countries and bringing the Americans troops home. The socialist candidates lack the financial resources of the Democrats and Republicans and are not receiving the free publicity from America’s corporate media; however these candidates share a single belief that America’s working class is at a critical junction in American politics that will determine our rights, privileges and freedoms for the next 300 years. For more information search the Web for: Stewart A. Alexander.

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