Friday, September 21, 2007

We want America to be a great place to live for everyone.


We will do what we think we have to, to make it that way. The party system has it's downfalls, and a name is only a name. We want good people to be in charge, but there are hurdles to getting those good people elected. We may have voted for a Democrat we didn't like because it was better than the Republicans gaining control of the Congress. We have to make those decisions with as much knowledge as possible.

I don't care about the party, only how it serves me. This isn't a football game.


i've never given money to any political movement

and the only online petition i've signed is to bring back sam

but this is big!

i'll probably send some money to international clearing house, the white rose society, etc,

since i've been freeloading -- it's about time i forked over some cash to where my heart is


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