Saturday, October 20, 2007

Peace and Freedom Party shows double digit gain in Fresno County

The latest voter registration statistics for Fresno County just released by the Secretary of State show an increase in numbers for all six of California's political parties as well as increases in those who decline to state party affiliation and those who choose a party unrecognized in California. The numbers here are not particularly interesting, however, since increases in registered voters are linked to increases in the population.

The real story lies in the percentages and the general movement away from the Republican and Democratic Parties towards smaller political parties and positions contrary to and independent of "politics as usual" in California and across the nation.

In the 7 months since the last statistics were released, both the Republicans and the Democrats have experienced decreases in their share of the total number of voters registered in Fresno County. The American Independent, Libertarian, and Peace and Freedom parties have increased their percentage share of voters while the Green Party's share remained unchanged. "Decline to State" voters and voters choosing other parties also increased their share of all voters.

When comparing the current number of registered voters for each political party against the numbers from the Secretary of State's last count in February, only the Peace and Freedom Party showed a double-digit percentage increase. Growing 12.06% over the last 7 months, Peace and Freedom's growth outpaced the next highest percentage gainer, the American Independent Party, at 5.93%. Voters declining to state a party affiliation showed the next highest percentage increase at 5.54%.

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