Sunday, November 18, 2007

How to justify a police-less society

I am working on this idea: Can a society such as America operate without police, or is an alternative to our current system better?

Clearly, the current system of having a dedicated force to police the people has serious consequences, from abuse of power to the enforcement of laws that are unjust or unnecessary.

So my question is, is it truly reasonable to say that people are responsible enough to exist in an urban environment without a police force, as it exists today in american cities? How could a police-less city be better, and is there a compromise? Is a compromise necessary?

If we left people to be responsible for their own actions, abuse would absolutely occur. But would the abuse be worse than the tasering, unnecessary force, and oppression that we deal with daily now?

I am wanting to get ideas and write them into a coherent story that people can read and question, so any comments or suggestions for reading are very welcome.

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