Sunday, January 06, 2008

Five "Negative" Reasons to Vote for Ron Paul

A Poetic Article by Marcelle Cendrars "Negative" reasons are organically blended with the notion that things have to get worse before they can get better. With over 30% of the U.S. still in support of Bush's/Pelosi's Wars, and untold numbers slated to tolerate their momentum ad infinitum, I submit that the "hope" engendered by Ron Paul's campaign -- once the candidate is in a position to do something about his platform -- can serve as a basis for making a whole lot get a whole lot worse vis-a-vis Dashed Hopes. Ron Paul is doomed to disappoint, if elected. In a major way. Then...because of that...we may have Our Day with the Sun on the Rise. Because -- in office -- Ron Paul would fail to satisfy his supporters sufficiently (to put it mildly), people in general would be less interested in participating in The Next Electoral Scam exclusively, and be more inclined to find additional/new means to protest/push for change, be encouraged to get creative. If victorious, Ron Paul: 1. Will not succeed in stemming the tide of illegal immigration. No one can unless radical change occurs in the U.S.; it will become all too apparent that his Wall won't work. That his protectionist attitude toward the plight of Mexicans is counter-productive. His tolerance of racist acts against "foreign intruders"along The Border and beyond will contribute to an increase of violence among The Desperate...on both sides. Domino effect in the wings here for one and all. 2. Will not succeed in pulling troops out of Iraq. He would get assassinated long before the powers-that-be would allow such a thing. This might pave the way for a hard core group of activists to take matters into their own hands. Not like what happened following MLKing's assassination, but criminal acts on an ongoing basis. 3. Will demonstrate -- through ALL indicators -- that his approach to environmental issues is an abject failure. Primacy focused on the sacred nature of private property will undermine all of his efforts, undo his last shred of credibility. Unravel the last vestiges of faith among The Electoral Faithful. 4. Will create "another Democratic loss," which would encourage many Democrats -- if he were successful as a Republican -- to re-evaluate their Tweedledee/Tweedledum Syndrome. That might very well lead to a very positive turn of events. More likely, it would lead to Mass Mental Depression among the so-called opposition, more firmly ensconcing Republican shenanigans ( contrary to Paul's campaign pledges* ), and speeding up our downward spiral. *In some cases, like with regard to Social Security and Health Coverage stances, his pledges are quite clearly The Republican Nightmare Warmed Over. 5. Will prove helpless to stop our frightening economic momentum. The Economy will not improve for the vast majority. When someone keeps stealing your wallet/pocketbook...eventually you find "a new way" to avoid the ongoing theft. You don't keep taking the same route to work. It's one thing for The Usual Suspects to rip off the public, but it's an entirely new can of worms for gangsterism to continue in high places under the auspices a Great White Hope. All hell would break out with a Ron Paul victory. Go, Ron, go!!! Marcelle Cendrars can be reached at

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