Friday, January 18, 2008

Peace and Freedom Party Proposed Health Plan for California Initiative petitions are circulating for Universal Health Care The California Health Security Plan, which will provide free, quality health care to all residents of California has been cleared by the Attorney General to begin collecting signatures to qualify for the November 2008 ballot. The Attorney General's Summary estimates it will cost only in "the low tens of billions of dollars" for all Californians could be covered by quality medical, dental, vision care and mental health services. Currently about seven million Californians have no medical coverage, and millions more have expensive and inadequate coverage. This initiative, which will amend the state's constitution, is a "single-payer" plan, which will turn all medical billing over the state, thereby, preventing for-profit corporations from gouging the public and dictating to doctors. It will also circumvent the ongoing stalemate in the California legislature and in the governor's office about what to to with the healthcare crisis. Due to systemic conflicts no legislative solution has been presented and is likely to pass the coming year. The California Health Security Plan was initiated by healthcare care advocates, labor and community activists who are determined to provide the people of California the opportunity to vote on a state plan to provide healthcare for all. The initiative includes an elected board of the California Health Security Plan with power to negotiate with drug companies and all healthcare providers for the best price for Californians. With a bargaining power of more than 30 million people, this in itself would save billions of dollars in costs presently going to the pharmaceutical industry and for profit HMO's and hospital chains. To ensure the best quality health care, the California Health Security Plan will include at least 95 percent of all health care spending in California. The Plan also provides for equality of care for all residents, regardless of income, race, nationality or gender. The Plan will also treat injured workers, who currently have to go through a time consuming and expensive system to receive medical care. Advocates for the California Health Security Plan are asking doctors, RNs and other health care workers, patients, community organizations and unions to endorse the initiative, help to collect the one million signatures that will be needed and make financial contributions to the campaign. Please download our petition and begin circulating it today!

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