Sunday, January 06, 2008

Socialists Blast Corporate Media on Presidential Debates

Stewart Alexander Socialist Party USA Nominee for Vice President and candidate for nomination by Peace and Freedom Party January 6, 2008 In recent days, ABC in a debate of the candidates excluded Dennis Kucinich from participating in the national television debate of the Democrats while including Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. ABC-Disney is the same outfit that is seeking to destroy the lives and living conditions of the striking writers of the Writers Guild of America. These media monopolies are again showing their true colors. On the other hand, the Fox News Channel "Fair and Balance" is excluding Ron Paul from the final debate among Republicans before the New Hampshire primary although he received 10% of the vote in the Iowa primary which was much larger that Rudy Juliani. These corporate manipulated debate rules are yet another example about why the U.S. elections are being systematically rigged to benefit the corporate rulers. The Peace and Freedom Party and Socialist Party USA, both socialist parties, believes that all qualified candidates should get equal time on the television and radio networks and that this should be provided without any cost. The air waves are public resources and should not be used by the corporate rulers to continue their rigging of the U.S. election. I also believe that the systemic problems in the U.S. electoral system will only be resolved when we have a mass working class socialist alternative that will equalize not only the election crisis but expose the fact that both the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for this criminal war in the middle east, the financial rip-off of millions of working people and the destruction of our education, housing and social system in the United States. The people of the United States deserve a real choice not determined by union busters, profiteers and the corporate control media that is out of control. For more information search the Web for: Stewart A. Alexander; Independent Voters Rejecting Democrats and Republicans.

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