Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nader is in the race

Posted by Ronald Kane Hardy --- February 24th, 2008

Ralph Nader declared his intention to seek the Presidency this morning on Meet the Press, blasting McCain, Clinton and Obama as candidates that are refusing to discuss or address issues that the majority of American Citizens want such as single payer universal health care, reigning in a wasteful and bloated Defense budget, and taking “Corporate Occupied” Washington DC back for the American people.

Through his website,, he said he intends to develop Congressional watchdog groups 1,000 strong in each Congressional District and build a movement for the people.

On the “spoiler” issue, Nader noted that if the Democrats can’t pull a landslide victory over John McCain and the Republicans this year above all then they should just pack up and go home.

Nader made no mention of whether he was seeking the Green Party nomination or an Independent bid for the Presidency, however in earlier interviews with Democracy Now he has said that if he were to run he would seek “Green Party ballot lines” as well as run with other third parties or as an Independent in other states if necessary.

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