Friday, March 21, 2008

Organic Consumers Association, on 1,4-Dioxane Contamination of Organic Products

(NaturalNews) Want to know the latest news on the recent discovery of "natural" and "organic" products being contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical 1,4-dioxane? Two days ago, I conducted an exclusive, live interview with Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association. It's a 30-minute interview, and it's available for immediate listening on our podcast page: In the interview, Ronnie and I chat about the failures of the USDA and FDA, the dishonesty of some companies in the "organic" marketplace, and how consumers can protect themselves from cancer-causing chemicals by learning how to read labels to avoid cancer-causing chemicals. Want to know the truth about which companies you can trust? Listen to this interview! You'll learn shocking facts about the industry. What's really happening is that large holding companies are buying up numerous brands when they become well known, then cheapening the formulations and introducing toxic chemicals. So brands that once started out as honest, small-company brands have become mega-corporation toxic chemical brands. And they still have the name "organic" or "natural" on their products! In my view, this is criminal. These companies are deceiving the public and harming the health of individuals who thought they were buying organic. But the Organic Consumers Association and aren't letting these dishonest companies get away with it. We're naming them in articles and interviews, and the OCA is issuing Cease and Desist letters to force these companies to stop selling products containing 1,4-dioxane. What's at stake here, friends, is the intergrity of the entire organic products industry. We must either defend the integrity of the "organic" label, or it will be lost to greedy corporations who literally want "organic" to mean whatever they say it does. This is why we're speaking out so boldly about this issue: It's about protecting your families, your babies and your own health from the greedy multinational companies that are trying to jump on the "organic" bandwagon even while continuing to put toxic chemicals into their products. Inform yourself. Protect your family. Learn the truth about which products you can really trust (like Dr. Bronner's) and which products were found to contain this toxic chemical (like the Jason brand of personal care products). Read more at and be sure to listen to this exclusive interview between Ronnie Cummins and the Health Ranger (that's me): ### About the author: Mike Adams is a natural health researcher and author with a strong interest in personal health, the environment and the power of nature to help us all heal He has authored more than 1,500 articles and dozens of reports, guides and interviews on natural health topics, impacting the lives of millions of readers around the world who are experiencing phenomenal health benefits from reading his articles. Adams is a trusted, independent journalist who receives no money or promotional fees whatsoever to write about other companies' products. In 2007, Adams launched EcoLEDs, a maker of energy efficient LED lights that greatly reduce CO2 emissions. He also launched an online retailer of environmentally-friendly products ( and uses a portion of its profits to help fund non-profit endeavors. He's also a noted technology pioneer and founded a software company in 1993 that developed the HTML email newsletter software currently powering the NaturalNews subscriptions. Adams volunteers his time to serve as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and regularly pursues cycling, nature photography, Capoeira and Pilates. Known by his callsign, the 'Health Ranger,' Adams posts his missions statements, health statistics and health photos at

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