Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flori-DUH...How lame can they be?

Bill bars Fla. medical license for doctors who studied in Cuba

Americans who get their medical degree in Cuba would be prohibited from practicing medicine in Florida under a bill passed by the House.

The measure is aimed at students who accept scholarships from the Cuban government to attend the Latin American School of Medical Sciences in Havana. About 150 American students are currently enrolled in the school. They would be prevented from getting medical licenses in Florida if they were to move here.

The bill passed 107-3 today. It now goes to the Senate.

I think such legislation would be prohibited by the constitution as a Bill of Attainder IF it were a criminal law. Which is a "legislative act that imposes any punishment on a named or implied individual or group without a trial."

And fittingly so. After all, not practicing medicine in Flori-DUH should be considered a reward for graduating from the LASMS in Havana, not a punishment.

I wonder if Cuba hasn't a placement program for "damned" American graduates of its medical schools, into one or more of their medical assistance and teaching programs in the world's other countries.

It would be a shame if they have such a program but exclude our fellow Americans because they don't trust them.

Your comment is appreciated, thanks.

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