Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mohawks of Canada Appeal for Immediate Support

April 25, 2008 Mohawks surrounded at the quarry in Tyendinaga. Ontario Provincial Police OPP fully armed with guns drawn. They are yelling through blow horns ordering the Rotiskenekete to come down with their hands up, or else they are going to take them out. The Rotiskenekete have told the OPP they are not coming down from there. We have been informed that help will probably not arrive in time. The OPP have said they are coming right away. There are 20 left at the quarry. Many have already been arrested. DO SOMETHING QUICK! WE HAVE TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE. BACKGROUND from Mohawk Nation News This situation could be more complicated than appears at present. The Canadian Special Forces, which is the main military unit that would be active in the United States under the "Civil Assistance Plan", is moving the so-called Joint Task Force 2 to the Trenton area, just 25 miles from Tyendinaga. They will be forming a new special forces battalion. Land in the Trenton area is being secretly bought up by the government for a base and training site. A total of 400 hectares (1.5 square miles) will be purchased. This is Mohawk land. Could this be the reason for the over-the-top reaction by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)? Or is it a case of insiders trying to profit from foreknowledge of the government's plans? "JTF-2 plans $220M move: Counter-terrorism unit expected to vacate Dwyer Hill for Trenton." David Pugliese, with files from Jessey Bird, The Ottawa Citizen (Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2008.) * Mohawks arrested, OPP spot weapon in quarry * Tense native standoff ends; six protesters arrested

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