Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One reason I love Rob Breszny-Answer One Some or None

From the freewillastrology newsletter My docu-fiction memoir: *THE TELEVISIONARY ORACLE* is available for sale at http://tinyurl.com/2ftyq6 and can be read online at http://tinyurl.com/3c2j4x (Scroll down the page to find the link to Chapter 1) Here's an excerpt: Please answer as many of the following questions as you can. Work with ferocious intensity and/or gentle reflection. Don't push on till you're exhausted, but try to come as close to total combustion as you can. Be innocently truthful and spontaneously thoughtful, or else gratuitously sarcastic and recklessly flippant. If you find yourself responding with ideas that you used to believe but don't any more, abandon them and start over. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to be creative and authentic for no reason. Don't save yourself for "something better." Send answers to sacreduproar@sbcglobal.net. 1. What did you dream last night? 2. What image or symbol represents the absolute of your desires? 3. In what ways has your fate been affected by invisible forces you don't understand or are barely aware of? 4. Tell a good lie. 5. What were the circumstances in which you were most dangerously alive? 6. Are you a good listener? If so, describe how you listen. If not, explain why not. 7. Compose an exciting prayer in which you ask for something you're not supposed to. 8. What's the difference between right and wrong? 9. Name something you've done to undo, subvert, or neutralize the Battle of the Sexes. 10. Have you ever witnessed a child being born? If so, describe how it changed you. 11. Compose a beautiful blasphemy that makes you feel like crying. 12. What do you do to make people like you? 13. If you're not familiar with the Jungian concept of the "shadow," find out about it. If you are, good. In either case, give a description of the nature of your personal shadow. 14. Talk about three of your most interesting personalities. Give each one a name and a power animal. 15. Make up a dream in which you lose control and thereby attract a crowd of worshipers. 16. Name your greatest unnecessary taboo and how you would violate it if it didn't hurt anyone. 17. Give an example of how smart you are in the way you love. 18. What ignorance do you deserve to be forgiven for? 19. What was the pain that healed you the most? 20. Make a prediction about yourself. EXTRA CREDIT In the ancient Greek epic, Odysseus and his men become stranded on an island belonging to the sorceress Circe. In a famous scene, Circe uses magic to turn the men into pigs. Later, though, in an episode that's often underemphasized by casual readers, she changes them back into men -- only they're stronger, braver, and more beautiful than before they were pigs. Tell an analogous story from your own life.

1. What did you dream last night?

I dreamt that our new baby mouse was dead...I told Pierce, check the mouse, I dreamed it died.

(He was dead this morning)

Such a teenie tiny mouse..so small that he looked like a mouse head only...P saw 6 cats around together with each other on Monday...sure enough the tiny mouse was in the middle...so in the mouse house he went....I really thought he would live since he had no apparent wounds...poor lil mice... :(
-8. What's the difference between right and wrong?-

Nothing. Ok. Well maybe Perception.
-9. Name something you've done to undo, subvert, or neutralize the Battle of the Sexes.-

I realized it is devisive to compare female bloggers on a blog, and said so in different words.

I am down with my gender, (generally speaking)...
-2. What image or symbol represents the absolute of your desires?-

this too:

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