Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Women & Socialism Conference in LA

START DATE: 4/26/2008
Duration: 5 Hours
Location Details:
137 N. Virgil Ave., #203 Los Angeles, CA 90004
Event Topic: Socialism
Event Type: Conference
Contact Name: Party for Socialism and Liberation
Contact Email: la@socialismandliberation.org
Contact Phone: 323-810-3380
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Women & Socialism Conference in Los Angeles Revolutionary Speakers, Workshops & Discussion Click Here to Register for the Conference Saturday, April 26, 11am-4pm (Registration begins at 10am) 137 N. Virgil Ave., #231, Los Angeles Map and Directions Public Transportation (5 min walk from Vermont & Beverly Metro Red Line stop) For more info call 323-810-3380 or email la@socialismandliberation.org. The Women & Socialism Conference is just two weeks away. Be part of this important event and help build the class struggle. It will be a very special day of Marxist analysis and discussion on the struggle for women's liberation and socialism. Learn about the roots of women's oppression and why socialism is the way forward for women and all working and oppressed people. Find out how to get involved with the struggle for a better, more equal world. The conference will feature speakers, workshops, cultural presentations, discussion and more. Childcare and food will be provided and parking will be available. Invite friends, family members and co-workers. Register today by filling out the form below! Hosted by the Party for Socialism and Liberation: www.PSLweb.org. Women & Socialism Conference topics include: * Is socialism possible in the United States? * Women in revolution: from Cuba to Palestine ... * Women in class society: from matriarchy to patriarchy * Fight against sexism, racism & homophobia * Women under attack: welfare, reproductive rights, violence against women * Immigrant women: the struggle for full equality * Socialism, women & the 2008 capitalist elections * Women's struggle & the fight for working class unity * How students can struggle for women's liberation PSL presidential candidate Gloria La Riva will be a featured speaker, along with many others.

Click Here to Register for the Conference

------------------------------------------------------ Party for Socialism and Liberation http://www.pslweb.org la@socialismandliberation.org 137 N. Virgil Ave, #203, Los Angeles 90004 For more info call 323-810-3380 Get involved in the struggle for socialism! Join the PSL today!

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