Tuesday, May 13, 2008

President of Bolivia sets date for recall vote

La Paz, Bolivia

President Evo Morales, trying to ease a deepening political crisis, Monday scheduled for Aug. 10 a sweeping recall referendum that would allow voters to cut short his term, those of his vice president and the country's eight provincial governors.

Morales said the vote would resolve a political showdown between his leftist administration and five governors who have pushed for more independence from the federal government. Morales has called the autonomy campaigns illegal.

This makes me apprehensive. I suspect interference from the usual place, and these pricks are masters of election-rigging.
I agree...

Evo's integrity as a leader is awesome, imo..(meaning from what I read and hear - no direct experience)
Yeah - I've loved the guy since I first saw/heard him on TV, happily on Democracy Now! so I didn't have to sort through any imperial bullshit to figure out that his accession was a propitious step (after Chavez) in the social progress south of here.
I worry that the Iraq occupation is about the only thing that keeps Uncle ("Big Daddy") Sam from stomping around down there in combat boots. Arrogant bastard! Don't even get me started on Plan Colombia.
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