Monday, May 26, 2008

Terrorism Act 2000

On Wednesday 14 May, a student and staff member at the University of Nottingham were detained under the Terrorism Act 2000 for the posession of an Al Qaeda training manual downloaded from a US Government website in order to conduct research into political Islam. The two were held without charge for six days, their computers seized, their homes searched and their friends interrogated. It is apparent from statements by university authorities that it was they who contacted the police, precipitating this situation. On their release, one (the member of staff) was rearrested under immigration legislation and remains in detention. This is clearly a flagrant assault on academic freedom and a deeply worrying precedent. Students and lecturers are currently circulating a petition and academics from across the world are writing to the university to express their anger. There will also be a protest at University park Campus, next Wednesday (May 28) at 2pm. No doubt further protests will follow For more info see: Times Higher Education Supplement Indymedia UK (current top central column story)

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