Wednesday, June 18, 2008

2 Random Seth Quotes, 1 B&W

"Your system is not the most elementary, but it is one of the most elementary, and it is a way that the inner self acquaints itself with certain basic facts. It therefore provides itself with a large variety of environments in various reincarnations, with problems of various natures, and with diverse circumstances." The Early Sessions, Book 9 Session 472, Page 280 *
* "Once more, it is extremely important that Ruburt keep his mind on his goals, and not burden his conscious mind by trying to figure out circumstances and conditions that are best handled by the infinite intelligence that is within his own subconscious mind. The way and the means will be taken care of. They will indeed appear almost effortlessly - but he must let the burden of worry go." The Way Toward Health Session 1/xx, Page 54

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