Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bill Moyers & Amy Goodman @ NCMR

Bill Amy Click here to watch the event live online
From: Because he's an asshole and a coward, Bill O'Reilly sent his Scott McClellan-look-alike to ambush the excellent Bill Moyers at the National Conference for Media Reform. As usual, Moyers carries himself with limitless patience and class, whilst raising the level of discourse past the O'Reilly henchman's intellectual ability, which incidentally leaves him babbling like an idiot before he runs away entirely. Throughout the awesome confrontation, Moyers refers to the "$20 barrels of oil," which is a reference to something Rupert Murdoch said during the lead-up to the invasion.. Video Here

Hey Alice! What a trip this convention was! I feel hope for man/womankind once again. We are not alone. We will prevail! It is inevitable that our ancestors will remind us what they did and what we need to do. Like it or not, that is our lot in life. We will survive or we might choose to ignore the signs.
Thanks for the hope, lumpinprollie! Glad you all had a safe and sound trip. Reminds me I should check out your blog next. I slept the sleep of a princess today...well yesterday...Got to love the NINE HOUR SUNDAY NAP....

Have a great week, dears!
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