Monday, June 16, 2008

Climate bill defeated by filibuster in Senate

Politicians say the environmental crisis will have to wait On June 6, the Warner-Lieberman-Boxer climate bill was defeated in the Senate by a Republican-led filibuster. In addition, President Bush had promised to veto if it passed the Senate. The bill, which had significant problems from environmental and social justice perspectives, was nonetheless the first bill with bipartisan support to address global warming and set carbon reduction targets.

... Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, the presumptive Democrat and Republican nominees for President, were not present to cast a vote on cloture, which would have ended the filibuster. McCain said he would have voted for cloture but against the bill itself, because it did not give enough support to nuclear power. Obama, while trying to claim the mantle of the environmental movement, has a poor environmental track record and has supported liquefied coal technology, one of the worst offenders in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Capitalist politicians cannot take real action on global warming if it means reduced profits for their true constituents, the corporations. PSL presidential candidate Gloria La Riva and vice presidential candidate Eugene Puryear stand for protecting the human needs and the environment over profits. Their campaign statement on environment affirms: "Capitalism is the greatest threat to our environment. As long as we live in a society where profits are prioritized over people’s needs, our planet will continue to be destroyed as corporations are allowed to continue polluting to cut costs and make more profit. ...

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