Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PSL Presidential Candidate Gloria La Riva in Iowa

Assisting residents, condemning government negligence, calling for immediate action

Unprecedented flood levels have left hundreds of thousands of people in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri devastated - and the destruction is not over. While George W. Bush has been traveling to Paris and London, the people are left to their own devices, their homes devastated, many who have lost their jobs, and 17 percent of the region’s crops damaged. Party for Socialism and Liberation Presidential Candidate Gloria La Riva, Illinois State Assembly Candidate John Beacham and PSL Chicago organizer Stefanie Fisher visited the flood-devastated areas of Iowa to help in emergency-sandbagging efforts to try to keep the rising Mississippi River from engulfing more towns, and to express solidarity with the affected communities. This important delegation was organized on very short notice and involved expenses for last-minute airfare, car rental, gas and more. Your financial support can help to cover the expenses of this trip, distribute its reports, and continue the political campaign. Click here to make an online donation through our secure server, and to find information on how to donate by check. The delegation is carrying out on-the-spot fact-finding, and issuing reports for PSLweb.org and Liberation Newspaper; showing solidarity with the people there who are suffering from the floods; and beginning a political campaign to demand real action by the government.

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