Friday, July 11, 2008

Everything for Everyone

A DNC/RNC Callout Everything for Everyone: A Small Demand On the evening of August 25, the night of the Democratic Party’s fundraising events, we will manifest ourselves not as a focus group but as a force: Against capitalism and in solidarity with those who fight against policing on a daily basis, (in memory of Paul Childs and Frank Lobato both murdered by the Denver police); against the destruction of the planet and for our own needs for a total transformation of society. At 6 p.m. gather as a Black Bloc at Civil Center Park in downtown Denver. Wear black tops and blue denim bottoms. Bring flags and banners. Be materially prepared. We do not seek a mere march against capitalism but rather a communication mechanism to inquire of others a modest question: “We want everything. Do you?” For the destruction of capitalism and the state, —A precarious workers-council of Unconventional Action, and comrades from the West Coast, Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, East Coast, the UK, and Europe

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