Thursday, July 03, 2008

PSL petitions to get La Riva, Puryear on Washington state ballot

PSL received warmly at LGBT Pride events in Seattle, Olympia

Members and friends of the Party for Socialism and Liberation conducted a series of open-air nominating conventions in Washington state between June 21 and June 29, collecting signatures to place presidential candidate Gloria La Riva and vice presidential candidate Eugene Puryear on the ballot.

PSL member speaks to Washington state voters, June 2008. A PSL activist speaks to Washington voters about the PSL's presidential campaign, June 2008.

On June 21, members collected hundreds of signatures at the Fremont Solstice Festival. This annual parade features creative contingents and non-motorized floats. Several of the parade entries featured a progressive, anti-war theme.

On June 22, campaigners traveled to Olympia to participate in the Capital City Pride celebration, again collecting hundreds of signatures from enthusiastic members and allies of the Olympia area LGBT community. PSL had a booth and was met with expressions of support from many of the thousands of participants.

During the week, campaigners held conventions in various neighborhoods of Seattle, each day gathering more than 100 signatures. On Saturday, June 28—the eve of Seattle Pride—the campaign petitioned in Capitol Hill, the traditional LGBT neighborhood of Seattle. The PSL’s position of unconditional support for gay marriage impressed many of the people gathering in Capitol Hill to celebrate their pride and to join in the annual "Dyke March."

For the final day of petitioning, members attended the Seattle LGBT Pride parade. In addition to collecting the final needed signatures to attain ballot status, members also did campaign outreach, handing out hundreds of campaign statements.

The campaign traveled back to Olympia on June 30 to file the signatures and other paperwork needed to achieve ballot status for La Riva and Puryear.

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