Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Brian Loses to Nader at Peace and Freedom Party Convention Aug. 1st in Sacramento

by Brian Moore on Wed 06 Aug Brian Fails to Convince Peace and Freedom Party Members to Remain Loyal to Socialist Principles Over Popular Vote for Independent Candidate Ralph Nader. Despite Socialist Party presidential candidate Brian Moore's plea for Socialist principles loyalty, slightly over 50% of the PFP delegates voted for the Nader/Gonzalez ticket on the first ballot and effectively ended the PFP's party's nomination process. The Peace and Freedom Party, who identify themselves as a socialist party, was offered ballot name status by Independent Nader in the states of Utah and Iowa, with more states to follow said the Independent candidate. Nader promised to promote the PFP nationwide, offering a plan two days before the PFP convention promising they would promote the PFP cause everywhere. Moore said he was disappointed that the PFP delegates did not adhere to supporting a socialist candidate nor the principles that socialism is built upon. The PFP put "power over principle, and expediency and reform over long-term commitment to a radical systemic change" said Moore. The Socialist candidate hoped for the Moore / Alexander ' 08 ticket to gain official "write-in" status in California as Socialist Party USA candidates, to enable both SP and PFP members a socialist choice on the California ballot in November. The Nader/Gonzalez team's combination of ballot promises, significant financial resources and manpower, used before and during the convention, overwhelmed any and all candidate opposition, Moore lamented.

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