Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elizabeth Ellis: Nader would get nation back on track

Elizabeth Ellis 8/26/2008 5:34 am

Dear Editor:

Yes, as Briana Nestler said in her Aug. 17 letter, Ralph Nader is doing well, and may well meet the target of getting on the ballot in 45 states. Wisconsin voters may join Massachusetts in seeing the high value of not just choice, but a STRONG CHALLENGE to the two-party corporate corrupt politics by a public interest leader in a career that has netted a limelight household name stature for Nader's good deeds and leadership for government ON TRACK.

Ballot access allows for a new candidate strong enough to challenge the status quo -- a candidate who aims to end the war, uphold the U.S. Constitution, show ability by a proven track record to uphold the duties of a president to lead the country and not usurp Congress, and to offer ON TRACK directions wanted by the nation. These policies should and can win: environmental protection, energy renewable resources and elimination of foreign dependence on oil, and a budget on track for people's priorities for the public not private interests.

Elizabeth Ellis

Cambridge, Mass.

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