Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Email interview with Babette Hogan on her documentary, "Seriously Green"

[I attended the Peace and Freedom Party Convention this past weekend and one of the first things I noticed when I entered the main room were the cameras. While blogging, I came across a comment on a website called by a Babette, (now, simply Babette - cool name huh!) - anyway, I realized from her words that she was also at this convention. Later in the day, when I went back to the room for the nominations, my husband, P., (what I call him online), let me know that he overheard a conversation and knew who Babette was. So when she walked by I said hello. I have to say, I've been online since 1989, was in the first AOL chat room when there was one, and there were way less than 23 people there in the AOL 1.0 days, and point being, I've never experienced meeting someone in this manner. I mean I have met other bloggers friends by setting up a meeting, but never met a person online first and realized they were in the same hotel, let alone city. In conclusion, :) By a happy accident, as we say in my 'there are no accidents' world, Babette emailed me tonight and so I asked her what she was doing at the Peace and Freedom Convention in Sacramento, CA....hence the spontaneous email interview thing... Thank you to Babette for her work as well as for being Alice's first email interview...*claps for Babette*] Alice: What were you filming the event for, if you want say..? [Yes that's verbatum, I have to be fair...] Babette: I'm working on a documentary looking at the what it is to be "Seriously Green" during an era when it's fashionable to be green. We follow the Presidential candidates of the Green Party as a means of describing the obstacles and issues that are in the path of our government making greener choices. By greener, we mean politically greener. It's supposed to be fun so as to engage the general audience and hopefully seduce them to open their eyes just a little. We don't want to speak to the converted, though we hope they will enjoy it too. I'm sure those who are extreme in their socialistic ideology will find it too fluffy - but I'm not worried about them getting the message. They already own it. .... OK, so that's the end of the interview portion.... Here are some websites and vids to check out to learn more about Babette and her work.

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hi, alice

i'd vote for anyone wearing a wonderwoman costume

but putting aside my political prejudice for a while...

you've been on the net for 19 going onto 20 years!!!

as the doormat (who, incidently, auditioned for the role of george) said to jerry:

"so you think you're better than me"

: )


I had to do some fact checking this morning...It is actually 1991 that I got on AOL 1.0.

1987 is when I first started using computers.

Kat Swift is very well-informed too. Smart woman.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the visit.

Miss you on the Blog.

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