Thursday, August 21, 2008

EUROPEAN MEETING IN DEFENSE AND IN STRUGGLE WITH THE ZAPATISTAS description: EUROPEAN MEETING IN DEFENSE AND IN STRUGGLE WITH THE ZAPATISTAS ATHENS, 9-10-11 MAY 2008 Companer@s, Fourteen years after the public appearance of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation (EZLN), fourteen years after the process of recuperating land and territory with blood and fire in favor of the indigenous peoples, zapatista or not, fourteen years after the Fire and the Word, the zapatista peoples are faced with a new attack from the Mexican state: �legal� takeovers of land, forced displacements, threats of displacement, reactivation of paramilitary groups, attacks against the integrity of zapatista families, damages to their possessions, political prisoners and hostages, manufactured offences, are, amongst others, some of the distinct facts which the zapatista peoples are faced with once again. The escalating level of the attacks obliged the EZLN�s Sixth Commission to suspend the tour that had been prepared for last October to pass through the central and south part of the country in the framework of the Other Campaign. This led various organizations in Mexico and in the world to react against the escalation of repression against the zapatista peoples. Fire and Word means 12 days of fire and 14 years of honoring the word. If there is an indigenous movement that has proven in practice one and the Other, are the zapatista peoples and the EZLN. Through meetings with the national and international civil society, using dialogue, to build with everyone a country and a world that are different, where a lot of worlds can fit (respecting difference), where democracy, freedom and justice will be a reality for all. ...

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