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Peace, Freedom and How I Know I Found It...

the revolution will be poeticized, by mickeyz black mask gun barrel silhouetted under a zapatista moon
The second I saw this bumper sticker - "The labor movement. The folks who brought you the weekend." - along with the relaxed looking individual who exited the vehicle, I knew I had reached my destination - (check safe arrival off of my list). The more menacing part was that it was now time to become focused on my self-imposed task at hand....
...Live Blogging from the 2008 Peace and Freedom Party Convention in Sacramento, CA...
Before I left home this morning, I read that Ralph Nader will make three appearances Sunday in Sonoma and Marin counties, this tells me that yes, in fact, I really might get to lay my human eyes on one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential Americans in the 20th century. The next clue was the flyer at the front desk of the hotel...
I'm also currently wondering who was inside the M A S S I V E white Cadillac stretch limo I passed as I entered the hotel lot and it departed...P. says, with a certain *snark* in his tone, "Ralph will be driving a Prius." :)
Commence the 'Agony in 8 Fits':
gloria la riva ralph nader cynthia mckinney brian moore Off to the 'meet & greet' to see if I can get in or not... camera - check! questions - check! paper and pen - check! Ralph's The Good Fight book - check! Functioning left side Shift key - not check! *grrr*
6:20pm - i'm in...ralph nader is about 10 ft from me - i'm in a hotel room with he and the other attendees...apparently each candidate has a room on this floor. we're now being told that a woman who hosts the 'democracy now' of japan is with ralph now doing an interview...he said she is a member of parliament...i recognize marsha feinland another woman from p&f who has run for..something (sorry)... 6:26 my battery is going to die - and i just met stewart alexander...hey he knows alice! he thanked me...i thanked him... he asked me if i had a card...i have no card... ;0 6:34: ok..i'm in gloria's room. she's talking about living in sf around cesar chavez st. feels too weird to take take pics..i'd better recharge my battery before 7pm cynthia mckinney just walked in..i took two pics afterall...she's now talking about immigran workers and the gmo seeds.. i cant really put the pics up now - just go to's a mov file i will put on you tube later.. i got brave - i asked a was almost just me, p and cythia and gloria left in the room - with to or three others. silly..debate time - i have to pee...i'm now literally blogging from a restroom...p is saving me seat...whatever question i asked made the people laugh...p will tell me what i said later... cynthia is first...they flipped a coin...she left the democratic party because the party left her, she said... check out the reconstruction manifesto gloria relates watching her mother, who was born in mexico, try to feed her and her siblings. she quoted something ralph said about requiring borders...she disagrees... ralph spoke about being required to be in utah this week..but notcing that obama and mccain were not required to be there... he said utopia's hold the possibilities of all of humanity... single payer healthcare - yes THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS PUT INCREDIBLE RESTRICTIONS ON BALLOT ACCESS.. THUS LIMITING YOUR CHOICES - I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE THAT THIS BLOG IS OK WITH THAT CONCEPT...sad as that is... i took some movies...and pics..will post ... now i'm going out to play - long day tomorrow..i'll be keeping count of the vote tally throughout the day.. ..oh and now that i recall..i asked cynthia mckinney if she were the president now if she would disband the military and tell the world that the us feels safe and will not strike at any other country...and asked her if she is afraid of 'terrists' to which she and people in the room replied...terrists like the u.s government... :)....and we all chuckled... * Saturday August 2nd 9:45am - At the convention rooms now. Upon entering the area, Stewart Alexander (VP candidate for the socialism party), smiled and said "Hello. Shelly, right?". We chatted for a bit, he asked me how i get his articles up so quickly. I explained how and he asked me for my email to send them to me directly. At this point he let go of my hand. :) (he's a long shaker). The agendas for the weekend are being made now, and the delegate packets as well. It cost 5.00 for the public and press to get in. I hope there is a plug for me inside. * Saturday August 2nd 9:45am - At the convention rooms now. Upon entering the area, Stewart Alexander (VP candidate for the socialism party), smiled and said "Hello. Shelly, right?". We chatted for a bit, he asked me how i get his articles up so quickly. I explained how and he asked me for my email to send them to me directly. At this point he let go of my hand. :) (he's a long shaker). The agendas for the weekend are being made now, and the delegate packets as well. It cost 5.00 for the public and press to get in. I hope there is a plug for me inside. 10:00 I'm seated, they let me in early so now I'm waiting for everyone to register and be seated as well. Stewart, Brian and Gloria I've seen so far in attendance...Phew, a plug... According to the Agenda the Voting begins at 4:00pm Call to Order 10:04 am Marsha Feinland (sp?) is explaining that they will use proportional type voting for their officers and the method of counting will be explained in room 5811 in a few moments. Adjourned until 11am. Looking at the Agenda I will come back at 2:30 for the Selection of the Presidential Candidate, Nominations, Presentations by candidate or representatives of campaigns, discussion - the the voting at 4:00pm. From 11:00 - 1:30 is a lot of party reports, and short presentations by candidates for congress and legislature, ballot propositions and consent calendar. 12:44 I bought a new laptop. The election process I mentioned earlier is how they elect their party officers-at-large. The will elect 7 of them by single transferable vote. From the flyer regarding the party officer vote on Sunday: You may vote for as many or as few candidates as you choose. You will rank them in order of preference, with 1 being the highest ranking. It says a delegate can give the same ranking to as many or few candidates as they choose. More from flyer: The by-laws provide that at least half of the SCC officers must be women. How many of the at-large members must be womn will depend upon the gender balance of the previously elected chair, secretary and treasurer. You do not need to take gender balance into account in your voting; the vote counting syste, will guarantee that the requirement is met. I drove around the lot and checked out the selection of bumper stickers...the one I resonated with was 'Everyone Does Better When Everyone Does Better' I took pics of the end of the cars but will have to get rid of the license plates before I post them. 2:17 the delegates all have to sit at the front of the room now and non-delegates sit or stand in the last few rows... There are more video cameras four I think. And I have seen a 'roving reporter' speaking and taking notes with a lot of candidates and delegates. There is a couple in front of me speaking Persian..I recognize it from my best friend's father and her relatives... Things are moving now...Stewart has yet again said hello to me and we checked out a comment here together LaineRB // Jul 29, 2008 at 10:00 pm

Also, Nader could be in danger if LaRiva or McKinney use his comments on race against him.

We shall see if any candidate brings that up...the smaller the room the more difficult that might be for Cynthia or Gloria. However, Gloria did bring up one of Ralph's prior comments on borders last night, so it could happen... Breaking: Brian Moore is looking for the restroom...! ;) Matt Gonzales just came in and so did Gloria... Debra Reiger is speaking now and giving the procedure... The candidates have up to 10 minutes to speak... I just met Babette from Stan Woods a delegate from Alameda County has been especially helpful. The nominating process is now open and Alex from LA County just nominated Gloria La Riva. He is relating a story of being in Cuba with Gloria. Alex is a young man...& most Excellent. :) Gloria's nomination is seconded now.. Brian Moore has now been nominated, by a gentleman whose name I've already forgotten, (sorry)... and it's been seconded. He brings up the charming Stewart Alexander as well. I don't think I heard Alex bring up Eugene Puryear in the prior nom. Now John Williams, a student from UC Santa Cruz is nominating Cynthia McKinney. He is 20 years old. Rick Highland, a long time P&F member is nominating Ralph and Matt and he received more than one, in fact about 7 'seconds'. That's a sign to me that Ralph may have this locked up...Rick is asking if any of the other parties PSL, Socialism will get Peace and Freedom on the ballot - the room says no... grr...see they are clinging to Ralph...Rick states that Ralph and Matt have said they are committed to putting P&F on the map. Rick nominated Eldridge Cleaver to P&F lo so many years ago...(68?)... 3:00 pm: Gloria, Brian, Cynthia then Ralph (or a rep) Matt I guess will speak now in that order...Nope I'm wrong..the man I thought was sleeping down the row from P is Ralph Nader...(I don't have my glasses on..he is reading something intently right now so the looking down looked like nodding off...) :) Gloria just finished her speech and now Brian is on...he is attempting to reiterate his commitment to the p&f party. I had to use the restroom, but I believe Rosa, Cynthia's VP running mate is speaking now. Yay she brought up Cindy Sheehan. No it's not Rosa (I stood up and looked..people are in front of me standing up and blocking the view from here..) [Oh my..this is Ralph Nader standing DIRECTLY in front of me... know my policy on ass...and this one is right in front of I'm forced[ by fate to mention that Ralph's rear is flatter than the flat-ass on the person next to him....] Ok..Ralph just went to the stage He is speaking in different languages (A greeting in the different languages he has studied). He is talking about meeting Salvador Allende...He talks about in the mid 50's that women couldn't be on juries..and he fought against it..He also knows women pay more for things...about his book about that subject Women Pay More....He mentions that immigrant workers were called wetbacks...Full rights for immigrants, Gloria and Alex who nominated her said the same I forgot to mention. He wrote is forst pro third party paper in 1959. Before I forget this too - Ralph's opening line yesterday was "I've never been a democrat or a republican" - in reponse to Cynthia being a former dem and the speaker prior to him yesterday... "Anti semitism against arabs must be stopped!" - Ralph Nader, now IMPEACH CHENEY says Ralph... Ralph says to the delegates - "we are not control freaks" - there is some sensitivity to the different parties involved here...I hear some wind of some spirited discussions during the part I was gone for this early after noon... Ok...I could have easiy met Ralph again ...but I chose not to.. Discussions are happening... I don't think this is voting...not fact they may have just decided now to hold off the vote til 430 in order for more Discussion. They do seem to be voting ...each delegate is either saying a candidate or they are saying no candidate. No it's not a vote - but some sort of pre-vote or maybe this is what a Discussion is...I don't know... It is Discussion: Peter Camejo Ralph's other running mate from the past is speaking. Delegates are yielding their time to allow Peter to speak longer. Peter says 12 people have been indicted for what was done to Ralph Nader, and he said it may go to the top of the Dem party. Ok Peter is saying that if they nominate Nader that P&F is all over tomorrow's paper, and that Ralph will let anyone speak and that members of all these parties can speak under Nader's [potential] nomination. There is a new speaker, for La Riva. He is saying (basically) that yeah Ralph is cool, but it's not the right thing to do to nominate him now. 4:09 pm: Oh cool...P is speaking with Ralph at the moment...he ran to get the book and ask Ralph to sign it... :) Neat...but I can't be bought (heh)..I still want for Gloria to be the nominee... There is another speaker for Gloria talking..bringing up Gloria's MANY years of work and dedication... Now a new person, a man, is discussing whether or not Ralph is a Socialist... 4:19pm - There seems to be a LOT of Nader support. I am not convinced he is the way to go..I can see the benefits and drawbacks...interesting..And there is a blogger who looks way more official than I do out the door..he has notes and everything.. ;) Matt Gonzales is who I have just heard speak... he ended with "I'm sure we will not embarrass you"... Now another member of P&F is speaking for Gloria's nomination...Gloria seems to be second to far a popularity with members and delegates... Four more speakers in this discussion to go...maybe more - not sure.. Someone named Louis LaFortune (sp) is speaking now... The attack is heavier when you're right over the something Louis says Howard Zinn has said..meaning they go after Ralph so much because he's 'right over the 'two party' target... [I'm suddenly thinking about that Tim Meadows SNL sketch again ... it's 4:55 am - Perspectives... ] It's 4:41 pm and I have a great catch phrase to share - it was said just now by a man on the stage - I met him yesterday and his first and last name start with S...anyway here it is: "Since when do we get to choose between the greater of two goods - and not the lesser of two evils?" 4:45pm - They're voting on whether to take a quick break before the voting begins.. The ayes have it... :) I always wanted to say that... :)... break until 4:55 pm when the vote begins... 4:55 pm: [perspectives...] Ok...reconvened...I will do my best to hear and comprehend what is going guarantees... Stewart just told me that I'm one of many who have said he should be the Presidential and not VP... The candidate with the least votes after the first round is eliminated for the second round and again in the second round one is eliminated... the person is the nominee with 50 percent plus 1... Round 1 - Brian Moore: 10 Cynthia McKinney: 6 Ralph Nader: 46 Gloria La Riva: 27
No Round 2
Ralph Nader is the Peace and Freedom nominee.
He is speaking now... His idea of the American Dream is JUSTICE - (which, btw is how he signed his book to me - To Shelly! Justice - Ralph Nader...) I believe I heard that Peter Camejo is dealing with cancer.... :( Nader has a rally in Davis tonight... I'm going to post his acceptance speech to my site...P shot it...Could be ok - just with my little camera...

That was an excellent running commentary of the convention. Keep it handy--for posterity. Link it widely.
Thanks for covering. Would love to see some footage especially of Peter Camejo. I am 100% behind Nader/Gonzalez and may join the Peace & Freedom party (I'm currently a registered Green). No justice no peace.....another good bumpersticker

Hi -

All of the photos and video are here:

Hopefully I'll make an actual webpage out of them soon.

Thank you both for checking in here.

This past weekend was so great! :)

All Good Things,
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