Friday, August 08, 2008

Ralph Nader on Sesame Street - People in Your Neighborhood

By Manila Ryce Published Friday, August 8th, 2008, 4:59 pm

Many of you have probably already seen this, but it’s worth another gander. Ralph Nader, a consumer advocate in your neighborhood, is the third person featured around 3:30 in the video.

Nader originally refused to appear on the pledge drive special unless a grammatical error in the song, “A person who you meet each day” was changed to “A person whom you meet each day”. Ironically, Sesame Street itself became a target for inspection before Nader would let the episode be distributed to young consumers nationwide.

Saw this when it was on! (My kids were that age then.) A month or so later, there was a PBS fundraiser that included a quick shot of Ralph joining with one refrain line in the great big-band song "Put Down the Ducky." Couldn't find that, but I found Put Down the Ducky from an earlier show - no Ralph, but some other interesting people.
Peace & posters!
Happy Saturday, ellwort!

I'm off of work until Thursday at 8:30am.

Sesame Street, Villa Allegre, Zoom...those shows shaped me...I was a victim of the media...I admit it..

Ralph is a good man.

My friend Jenine, she is friends with the lady who played Alice in the Brady Bunch Movie. Henriette? I think that's her name. She is the one who made An Unreasonable Man movie.

Ralph FELT good to be near. That is enough for me.

"I was a victim of the media." Sounds like "Reptiles ate my shorts."
But what a difference a decade or so makes: I was a Mickey Mouse Club mid-boomer fan -
(Music):Tuesday is Guest Star Day:
Call: "Here's you hat!"
Answer: "What a hat!"
Call: "Here's you ears!"
Answer: "What ears!"

If there was any shaping for me there, it was the subtle influence of Cheryl Holdridge.

In 2000, my (then) fourteen-year-old son and I were avid fans of Nader, who, as usual, got things right (e.g. "Republicrats"), and we sat listening to him speak (seated) in a packed and sweltering Battell Chapel in New Haven for an hour and a half.


- The US ought to have instant runoff voting.

- Everybody on the planet ought to have a vote in US president elections.

Just wait'll I'm Dictator of the World!

- A
Cheryl Holdridge:

OK. Here's the link:

Hope you'll still tolerate me unflinchingly even though I am a klutz in any space - hyper- or sublunar.
:) (I don't use these ornaments much.)
Oh yeah I remember her! Wow she was cute!


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