Friday, August 15, 2008

What About Third Parties?

This article and the subsequent comments reminds me of this cartoon I saw when I was a's had lyrics that went... Spirits of amonia, We sneak up upon ya.' One good sniff, Will knock you stiff. [insert sound I don't know how to spell]

Scared the bejabbers out of me!

- A
Major agree-age - MGM's are mortifying...


"...This really blew my mind..."

Man I LIVED on these (in black and white) every morning when I was little, before they sent me to the brick box for Inculcation. Didn't scare me so much back then 'cause I didn't plan on ever dying. Still don't, but it distresses me when other people do. What a gyp!

On the topic of scary and absorbing excellent animators, T and I just watched Twelve Monkeys (not animated; in fact, even less animated than Gilliam's other non-animation features), and we felt like little kids gripped by cartoons again.

As for third parties - why just three? Or why any?

It's the money, right?
I thought 3 just implied "and beyond...."...some people say we need two.. soo..


See you on Happy Monday.
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