Monday, August 25, 2008

What a laughing joke watching dems get all misty from this huge garishly expensive Dem infommercial...

*sigh* Oh my goodness..they're going to cry... :( Not unlike the rest of the world when the US continues to bully them...however with Obama...he'll do it with a smile..and Dems love that...

As if anything said or done at the convention - or generally now - might change anyone's mind at this point.

I have, and I'm taking a vacation from election-oriented stuff until I scan the choices and mark the paper in early November. Much as it sucks that our choices have consistently been reduced to valence (for the essential simple minded "electorate").

But - man! - what a lot of blather in the "news" these days! You could keep the whole Albuquerque 500-balloon race aloft for weeks on that.

Hey Alice
- xo
Hope your actual life is halcyon; if it is, just sail with that. Election rhetoric is not worth puffing your tail out about.

Vacation! (Vacation back to work for me. Looking forward to it.)

- A
Hi ellwort,

Agreed. On all counts.

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