Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3..Random Seth/Jane Roberts Quotes...

"The inner senses were always paramount in evolutionary development, being the impetus behind the physical formations; and themselves, through the use of mental enzymes, imprinting the data contained in the mental genes onto the physical camouflage material." The Early Sessions, Book 1 Session 26, Page 198 * "It is far better to eat moderate amounts of food in all of the food ranges, and to consume smaller portions more often. I realize that your social mores also dictate your eating habits - but four light meals a day will overall serve you very well, and give the body a more steady, regulated nourishment." The Way Toward Health Session 6/27, Page 316 * "You also have the mental equivalent, however, of the FM’s lock-in mechanism. On your part this is the result of training, so that if your thoughts or experience stray too far this mental gadget brings them back into line." The Unknown Reality, Volume 2 Session 716, Page 418

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