Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Arthur of the Welsh

His voice went even deeper, and suddely he chanted, "I have been in many shapes. I have been the blade of a sword, a star, a lantern light, a harp and a harper, both." He paused, saw something spark in her eyes, ended diffidently, "I have fought, though small, in battle before the Ruler of Britain."

"I remember!" she said, laughing now. "Wise child, spoiled child. You liked riddles, didn't you? I remember you, Taliesin." She stood up. Brendel leaped to the dock and helped her alight.

"I have been in many shapes," Flidais said again, "but I was his harper once."

She nodded, very tall on the stone dock, looking down at him, memory playing in her eyes and about her mouth. Then there came a change. Both men saw it and were suddenly still.

"You sailed with him, didn't you?" said Guinevere. "You sailed in the first Prydwen."

Flidais' smile faded. "I did, Lady," he said. "I went with the Warrior to Caer Sidi, which is Cader Sedat here. I wrote of it, of that voyage. You will remember." He drew breath and recited:

"Thrice the fullness of Prydwen we went with Arthur,

Except seven, none returned from--"

He stopped abruptly at her gesture.

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