Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bolivia- Massacre At Pando: 14 Dead By Fascist Militia

Abiding in Bolivia and Inca Kola News are doing great work reporting on the Bolivian secessionist coup. Between them they report that an ambush in Pando "massacre of El Porvenir", the assault by gun toting autonomistas on pro-government campesino marchers. As they also note the whorehouse shenanigans and secret meeting should of been covered by the media as it was a lead in to what is happening now, then bang goes the gas pipeline and the expulsion of the US coup plotter/Ambassador and the fascists attacked. Inca Kola translates survivor testimony, right now this is what Bush is supporting being done in Bolivia-

"The road was blocked with trucks from the Prefecture, and there they started to shoot at us. Those that escaped towards the river were chased and were killed at the water's edge. Some of the survivors that arrived at the Riberalta hospital were (immediately) murdered," said one of the survivors.

(The survivors) also reported that several women were kidnapped, including old aged woman and mothers with babies or pregnant, and were forced to strip naked and were then tortured.

There is a lot of concern for the wellbeing of Professor Víctor Choque de El Chivé, member of the Cooperativa Intergral Agroextrativista de Campesinos de Pando, who was tortured inside the hospital but is believed still alive.

Martial law is active and Morales is holding back any violent response and instead is entering negotiations with the autonomistas/fascists. Some are questioning this at a time that phalangist militias (ie. Santa Cruz Youth Union -UJC) yes this is them (so no, it is not hyperbole to call them fascists)-

are attacking workers, indigenous people and union figures. As for the expulsion of the US plotter, El Duderino @ Abiding in Bolivia reports on the neglected speech he made on the 5th of September-

"Goldberg claimed that since Bolivia is presently in a state of political instability, the US institutions should interfere in Bolivia's internal affairs."


the significance of Goldberg's arrival as the donation of 12 million dollars (a lot of money in Bolivia) to the departmental government and 80 thousand dollars to Sucre's municipal government (pay off for sabotaging the Constituent Assembly?).

This is a case in point of the need for full transparency on the part of the US mission in Bolivia as to whom exactly is being funded with US government cash. As has been noted before, USAID has been directing its funds towards opposition regional department governments and as is the case in Chuquisaca, they are usually of highly questionable moral character.

Not to mention -The new director of Bolivia's Peace Corp, Kathleen M. Sifer, just arrived from her last position directing Peace Corp operations in... wait for it.... Georgia, yea the country!- Most corporate media are not reporting the events accurately or the US role in backing with political, military and economic support. Bush ally Uribe is the only leader not to make a statement or show any support for the democratically elected Morales administration. Also via Abiding a Real News Report-

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