Thursday, September 04, 2008

So Many Choices, So Little Time - Posted by Derek

One of the greatest things about living in our country right now is the amount of choices we get to make on a daily basis. Whether its the things we buy or the places we go, there are an infinite number of choices we have in making them. Want to watch TV? We have hundreds on channels to choose from. Want to go on vacation? There are literally thousands of places to pick from. So why is it that when we are forced to make the most important decision we are able to make, we are lead to believe that there are only two choices?
Imagine that you want to purchase a new car. You do all your homework, talk to friends about what types of vehicles they like, and you finally go to the car dealership to buy your new car. What would you think if when you got there all they had was a red car and a blue car? You'd be kind of pissed off right? What happens if you want a black car, or a mini-van, or an SUV? Well then you'd be S.O.L., because your only two choices are buying a red car or a blue car. Does this sound familiar? If you watch the news you would assume that there are only two people running for president this year, but when you go vote you will notice that there are many more people to choose from than Obama and McCain. Why is this? Why are we only told about two of these candidates ahead of time? Who exactly are these other people? Is my ballot a misprint? The media says that they only cover the Democrats and Republicans because those are the major parties and the other parties don't have a chance. Well no SHIT! If you never talk about them we won't know that they even exist, and people will not vote for a person that they have never heard of. For all we know these people are just as, if not more, qualified to run our country than the Big 2, but we will never know unless we spend hours online looking up the most basic information on these people. I think the real reason that the media doesn't cover the other candidates is for two reasons: convenience and money. Its much easier for the media to only have to report about 2 people rather than the other eleven that are running (There are actually close to 100 people running for president this year but only about 13 will be on the ballot, depending on your state). They won't have to send people all around the country to cover the 13 candidates and will have more time to have pointless arguing between the republicans and democrats. If you ask me this is completely unethical. Why should the media decide which two people will be our choices this year? They basically will be deciding who our next president is. Do they think that if we are presented with more than two choices we will go crazy and our heads will explode? Look what happened when the media actually gave some attention to a "3rd party candidate"; Jesse Ventura won the whole damn election! If we ever want to have more choices in our elections it is up to us to demand that the media cover every candidate. I could literally write about this subject for hours, but since I really don't want this blog to get overtly political yet, I will stop now. I will leave you with a list of some of the people that you will see on your ballot this November. I ask that you do your own research and find that candidate that you believe best represents you and not be forced to choose between the candidates that the media has decided that we have to choose between. Here are some of the candidates this year with links to their websites (in alphabetic order). Jonathan Allen Gene Amondson Chuck Baldwin Bob Barr Charles Jay Alan Keyes Gloria La Riva John McCain Frank McEnulty Cynthia McKinney Brian Moore Ralph Nader Barack Obama

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