Monday, September 22, 2008

"...Whatever it is we're seeing in model space, life is about to go through a dramatic change of 'order'.

George Ure says ...

"...Whatever it is we're seeing in model space, life is about to go through a dramatic change of 'order'.

The highlights are Massive change in financial structures (ongoing, see next item) then whatever the October 7th events are, then a series of release or emotions events till March 2009. Something with a lot of 'military' aspect to it on October 15th, or thereabout. Then one big earthquake, likely Pacific Northwest around December 10th, with another one within days (Dec. 12th in model space).

Then we get rising discontent/talk of rebellion/revolution through the spring, the Summer of Hell in 2009, and strange disappearances - but it ain't the Rapture - think more like 'the harvesting' starts in late summer 2009.

Me? I'll be going on an anorexic diet. Don't want to look like a main course come 2010.

Taking Back October 7th

One Chance to "Save America"

How to Save the Day with Private Sector Coinvestment

The first thing you need to understand is that any media reference to the Resolution Trust Corp's bailout of the Savings and Loan mess is a deliberate misleading of American public opinion so that our collective life savings can be hijacked by the bankers cabal.

The key difference to keep in mind is this: In the case of the RTC, when the assets were rolled up and resold, the main players went out of business. In the flim-flam now being pulled on the American public, the main players will not only stay in business, they will make new fortunes paid for with your tax dollars.

Oh, and if you think this stinks, that's the smell of greed." for a sample letter to send off...

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