Tuesday, September 02, 2008

WRATHFUL DEVOTION, by Jennifer Welwood

You gave me a heart that ignites In the passionate knowing of you, And having burned in that heat Is not drawn to lesser fires.

You gave me a mind that expands To encounter your vastness, And finds in those fathomless depths Its own luminous nature.

You gave me a soul that won't rest With any barrier to you, Be it heavy and dense Or gossamer as a veil.

You gave me an old structure Made up of my history; It is heavy and dense, It is gossamer as a veil.

I meet it, allow it, explore it And still it grinds on, A machine that relentlessly churns out Old patterns and tendencies.

I embrace it, dissolve it, release it -- S till it keeps reincarnating, Rising up from some ancient template Held deep in my bones.

I don't begrudge you your sense of humor, Beloved trickster, But I do wonder, now and then, What you have in mind.

Did you make me to realize a freedom I can't fully embody? Do my heart and soul burn for a truth That I can't fully live?

I commune with you in the heavens -- It's not hard to find you there; But I need you down here, In the marrow of my bones.

You can't turn away now -- stay here; I will have this out with you. You started something with me, And now I want it finished. Yes -- I will wrestle with you on this one, Beloved torturer; I will wrestle you all the way down To the very ground

And not rest till I stand With the soles of my feet upon you, And not rest till I feel you infuse My every cell.

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