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Year 2008 Day 291 October 17: A Message from Seth

Beginning Comments:

Soon after I published my latest blog, the doctor's office called. It seems that the specialist wasn't all that 'up-front' with me and I do have some disc bulges in the neck area. As they weren't 'surgical candidates', in his mind I suppose they were not important enough to mention. They are to my MD/osteopath, however, who wants me to see him to talk about them.

This week, on a whim, I sent a query to a literary agent, who actually took the time to read a few of my blogs. To make a long story short, this one took a look at my blogs and sent back a two line comment that made me feel like another 'nutcase'.

That I wasn't expecting. Rejection is one thing – 'nutcase' pictures are another, and opens up some nasty wounds, but I have learned from this. In this day and age, there are a lot of self-publishing companies on the internet that do not require authors to endure the gauntlet of mainstream literary expectations, and, for me, this experience is a sign I would be better off avoiding that reality.

I am sure that the agent was not, in any way, consciously cruel – the literary market is pretty dog-eat-dog, the people involved in it get all kinds of queries, some from people really off the 'deep end', and are likely to get very thick-skinned.

But I will take responsibility for having left blogs out on the site for months (3 surgeries and chronic back pain have left me derelict in some areas, such as keeping the number of blogs in history down to no more than 20). Unfortunately, since January of this year, I have posted a smorgasbord of blogs which bounce all over the place, and I realize that anyone reading them without knowing my background and intent could easily think I was another 'nutcase'.

This person had corresponded to the late Jane Roberts until she died, and with Robert Butts, her husband, who I hear died last year at the age of 87, so it is also possible that he is not familiar with some of the psychic exploration dynamics that have been happening since then.

As I review some of my postings, I realize I have not spoken much about the Seth stuff vs. the other stuff I have learned since Jane's passing in1984 (only about 30 of my 700+ postings even mention Seth or Jane Roberts). I also have some wonderful stories from that time of my life. So, unless more important issues intervene, I am going to add a 'Seth Segment' to my Psychic Methodology series, because it was the books Jane wrote that gave me hope that I wasn't a total 'nutcase'.

To begin this process, I have put out a request to Seth itself to be a 'guest speaker'. I have seen Seth 'around' a couple of times during my lifetime (I will tell the story about how I can identify it in a later posting).

As I put out this request, I need to be very clear that Seth and Jane 'contracted' to work together, that I have a very different 'filter' from Jane, and do not claim to have the connection both she and her husband had to this being.

But this is okay. I am not planning to channel the Seth entity, all I want to do is interview it. As a paranormal 'cub reporter' of sorts there is no harm in that. Preliminary connections suggest that I will only be connecting with it on a being-to-being level, which anyone can do as long as one keeps one's ego and any levels of self importance out of the way. Self importance is a physical reality trait which most beings find somewhat distasteful. That is not a judgment of any sort, just a reaction to the energy.

Seth is a good teacher and my seems willing to connect as long as we both understand this is a one-time connection, and we both understand that I am not, in any way or form, expecting to become the next Jane Roberts.

Actually, it was Seth, in one of his books, who mentioned that a transitioned person (let me add to that astral traveler) has the right to meet anyone they considered a 'celebrity' while they were alive. I would add a caveat to that, however. These beings might turn out to be somewhat different from what one expects for a variety of reasons.

As an astral traveler, this has been my experience the few times I have run into 'famous' personalities and/or entities.

As this is a time in our spiritual development where more and more people are learning both how to cross between realities, and to get in touch with transitioned relatives, celebrities, spirit guides and/or religious figures, this is something to keep in mind.

I don't want to get into this subject deeply today, but I can telepathically see some questions coming at me already. So I will say this: it seems the closer a person was to the transitioned person or being, the more it will appear as remembered. But if, for instance, ones intent was to find Mozart, one might find the being very different from how people perceived him three centuries ago.

By the way, I am very comfortable with my 'cub reporter' role, one that interviews beings and takes 'snap-shots' of places from various nonphysical perspectives. I like it especially because it keeps me out of the 'guru' role. If those that read my postings don't like the 'fuzziness' in the pictures or my interpretation of the interviews, I encourage them to take out their cameras and notepads and do their own investigations. Actually, I write these postings for that reason – to encourage individual paranormal exploration.

In spite of the risks of mainstream literary rejection, and being seen as a 'nutcase', this kind of work makes me feel as I am connected with my life's purpose. One of the perks I gained from the Monroe MC2 seminar was the time to sit back and look at what I am doing, and realize that, for the first time in my life, I am in line with my purpose and my goals. Though there are challenges remaining (and I am sure there always will be), I gain comfort in the work I do.

Unlike others before me, it is not a 'dramatic' purpose and does not introduce an 'ignorant' world to great new concepts and ideas. But I am one who sometimes introduces little ideas, and who has had training in a variety of systems and therefore can integrate paranormal concepts from different schools of thought.

At this point, I am giving the 'floor' to Seth. (One post dictation comment – Seth always referred to Jane as Ruburt and her husband Rob as Joseph).

Beginning Time: MDT 10/16/2008 6:23 PM Location: Loveland, Co


"Good Evening!

Your normal greeting is within your construct and not mine.

You have contacted me with the implicit purpose of an interview, but this is something I would rather not do. Instead, I wish to only send a message.

There are too many who wish to contact me for their own grandiose purposes. In your case, your intent is for teaching purposes, not glory, but I have no desire to 'open the door', even a crack. Like Ruburt, who has incorporated with me, I respect my privacy.

So the message I wish to give to physical reality is that my connection with it, in terms set up between Ruburt, Joseph and myself, died the day that Ruburt transitioned.

There are many fine contacts that one can call on that are active with mediums living in physical reality.

I am no longer one of them, and I am grateful that you can understand that.

Anyone who wants to visit me after transitioning is more than welcome.

But, at this time, my efforts are concentrating on teaching in nonphysical reality, and I would prefer to keep it that way.

My Blessings to you all,

The entity Ruburt called Seth"

Ending Time: MDT 10/16/2008 6:28 PM

Ending Comments:

This was a surprise at one level, but not at another. Perhaps it will help any present day channelers who think they are 'bringing through' Seth, but are actually channeling beings who find it convenient to call themselves a name that will make the medium in question feel 'more important'; this is dangerous and, unfortunately, all too common.

What many don't know is that there are some entities that will use whatever means possible to get into a physical body. Unfortunately, they tend to damage both the medium and those who come in contact with it, so my caveat to anyone visiting a medium is to listen to its words less and check out the energy more – particularly if the beings claim to be an 'incarnation' of a well-known spirit guide.

Some of you might have noticed that the Seth message was rather blunt. This is another quality one runs into over on the 'other side'. Nonphysical entities are polite, caring, and helpful but also say what they mean sometimes without the societal niceties of physical reality.

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