Sunday, October 05, 2008

Gay Marriage Ban Supporters Thank Obama

Californians Who Hope To Ban Gay Marriage Are Counting On Obama Voters To Give Them A Boost ... Those campaigning in California for Proposition 8, which would reinstate the ban on gay marriage, believe they'll get a lot of unintended help from Barack Obama on Election Day, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone. "We thank Barack Obama, even though he's not supporting it, for helping us," says Sonja Eddings Brown, of an anti-gay-marriage group called Protect Marriage. "We think it's going to push us over the top." Obama is expected to bring African-American voters out in record numbers, and those voters are seen as often being more conservative on issues involving homosexuality. Pastor Edward Smith of Zoe Christian Fellowship has been urging members of his Los Angeles area church to vote for the gay marriage ban. "Marriage has always been defined as a man and a woman," Smith says. For Smith, it's the most significant item on the November ballot. "This issue is more important than who becomes president of our states to me and to our Christian believers," he says. ...

Obama And Gay Marriage

Those who oppose same sex unions are counting on the record number of African-American voters supporting Barack Obama to help them ban gay marriage in Calif. John Blackstone reports. | Share/Embed

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