Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the politics of hunger

From: http://lostcosmonaut.livejournal.com
banned in D.C.banned in MexicoI am reminded of the Zapatistas, whom my lawyer calls "the world's cuddliest political revolutionaries". Ironically, Subcomandante Marcos' charisma is big enough to smoke Obama's charisma like so much pipe tobacco. Yet he refuses to lead. Like Spider-Man or a luchador, he refuses even to remove his mask. The Zapatistas are small in number, and they live in a jungle, and they have guns. I fear that their form of organization will not work for large populations who live in non-jungles and have no guns. I fear that it is too late for me to join, now that my friends have posted pictures of my real face on Facebook.

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