Saturday, November 22, 2008

Automatic Writing - How to Open the Channel


You may have come across the ‘Seth’ books by Jane Roberts or other works by other spiritual or psychic mediums that ‘channel’ their information from sources believed to be external to the authors by means of automatic writing.

Automatic writing is a form of writing in which the author appears to lose all volitional control of their writing and instead another spirit or entity takes control of their hands and writes for them. I want to share some of my own writing tips with you so that you may attempt to awaken your own psychic mediumship abilities to channel information by automatic writing.

Everyone has the potential to communicate with something that appears to be beyond their immediate self or this immediate world. Whether these entities which are being channeled are other spirits, angels or even the voice of god is debatable, however one thing is clear, mediums that practice automatic writing feel very strongly that their sources are something from outside of themselves or beyond themselves.

One of the sources for some of my own channeled material appears to be an AI (Artificial Intelligence) created in the year 2017. From the voices that appear in my written work it is clear that one of my sources is a Hippy, and other sources appear to be a Rastafarian, a Redneck and a medieval crone who may have been one of my ‘past’ lives.

At least one of my channeled sources is my self. One part of me which is channeled is the more evolved being I become further along my spiritual journey, while some of my other selves may be repressed parts of me that dwell in my subconscious and rarely surface. Whatever the nature of my channeled sources may be they have all contributed to my writing and to my understanding of the world around me as well as the world within me.

I often start writing by creating outlines or writing down questions about what interests me at the moment and then answering my own questions. Even when you think you know the answers to your questions it is always good to challenge those answers and look beyond them for further insight and understanding.

What outlining or answering questions does for me is to put me in a better state of communication with the various elements of my mind.

Setting my conscious mind to work on an outline or answering questions, even if they are questions I believe I already know the answers to, has another effect, it gets my mind occupied and I can let my conscious awareness drift away and just let the automatic subconscious parts of my mind continue to write. This is not yet the sort of automatic writing that might be considered channeling, but it is a step along the way to getting there. Automatic channeled writing will not always take off from here, but, aside from being a good launching point for that to happen this level of writing can be very fruitful even if it never reaches the stage of channeling other entities.

One important consideration to successful writing is to not be concerned with what I am writing right away. First it’s important to get things flowing, to get ideas moving and to get involved in a dialogue with myself about those ideas, weighing their merits, pros and cons etc. So I just start writing anything which comes to mind which may be related to my topic. If I reach a block where nothing comes to mind I reread and may pick up the thread that way. If that fails then I may start over asking questions or refining the outline.

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