Friday, November 21, 2008

Poem for a kitty that my friend found in the road yesterday...

Im so sick

Im so sick of it all! All the pain and suffering! The misery that comes with living! I wish it would all just go away! Please, please... Im begging you to end it all! Please help me end it!Im so sick...
[Just off the phone with the vet's office (where that dick gov. schwarzenegger wants to now TAX my vet bills and it is the REPUBLICANS trying to stop that dumb idea)...anyway...the vet tech tells me that they didn't even try to save the kitty but for seeing if it would make it through the night by giving it nutrition. They nested kitty up in a nice comfortable place to pass on. He said the kitty was VERY sick...not hit by a car like we suspected - rest in peace kitty..I'm happy you aren't in so much pain now...]

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