Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Biodiesel Plant for Chiapas

From: At the same time that she announced that Pemex will renew oil drilling in the Lacandon Jungle, Mexican Energy Secretary Georgina Kessel Martinez also announced a biodiesel plant for Chiapas, the exact location not as yet determined. The plant was agreed to as part of the Mesoamerica Project (formerly the Plan Puebla-Panama), which includes Colombia. Not surprisingly, the biofuel plant will be constructed with Colombian technology. This poses a threat to indigenous and campesino lands, as well as the region’s ecology and food security because of the large tracts of land needed to grow monocrops for conversion into bio-fuels. The cultivation of monocrops ruins the soil on which it is grown, so that food cannot be grown on the land after it is exhausted by monocrop cultivation.

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