Sunday, December 07, 2008

DECEMBER 10th, 2008 is International Human Rights Day

[Thanks to Nicky Rose for this post] Take a Stand Against Human Rights Violations in México! Stop the Merida Initiative aka Plan Mexico! Join us in actions at each of the 100 Congressional District offices (or in DC). For more information about how to take action read below. For inspiration WATCH THIS VIDEO: Now is the time to get creative. How will you take a stand? ------------------ Here is how to find your representative: But don't just write to them here, call and set up an in person appointment! If you never did that before, it's easy: say this..... "Hello, I want to thank the rep for their work on human rights and would like on Dec 10th International Human Rights Day, to discuss Plan Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean etc" And then contact us for more info if needed (and to let us know what district you've called - whether or not a meeting w/Reps is scheduled). Call and set up a December 10th appointment with your Representative's D.C. and/or District Offices this week. Under the guise of the 'war on drugs', the Merida Initiative threatens Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean with a return to 80s style counter- insurgency targeted at activists like us throughout the hemisphere, namely those that dissent, challenge domination and oppression and offer more fair alternatives to live together - e.g. labor, anti-neoliberal trade, indigenous rights activists. Volunteer to lobby rally, meet, forum or create an event in your local community. Add your issue to the agenda! We need local volunteers across the country! Email h.bubbins((AT))gmail(DOT))com Sponsored by: Friends of Brad Will North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), WESPAC Foundation Grannies for Peace NYC Chapter of the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights Committee in Solidarity People El Salvador CISPES UCTP United Confederation of Taino People and a growing coalition, add your name and energy! More on Plan Mexico: Please forward far and wide! (And contact local Congresspersons office to ask for meeting).

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