Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Fourth Spirit is SAMIGINA or GAMIGIN

WYRD ALICE SAMIGINA: The Fourth Spirit is SAMIGINA or GAMIGIN, a Great Female Shaman of a Marchioness. She appears at first as a cracked and broken Hans Bellmer China Doll riding a rocking horse to which she is bound by chains. She will look very much like an elfin Alice in Wonderland to then assume more human form to appear as an angelic young girl at the request of the Magician whose nature is very sexual to hunger much as a Succubus desiring fellatio whence the Magician must beware for she induces Dreams most shocking. She is the one time Little-Girl Spirit whom resided within those Dolls found hanging inside the Shaman drum to know the Healing ways of the ancient ‘Siberian’ Shamans. Samigina can find those tormented lost souls of the living as well as of the dead wherever they be and to return them to their rightful places and is a powerful Girl-Guide and protector into the Wonderlands of the Underworld in order to access Ancestral Memories. She can also take one unto the heights of Heaven via a Looking-Glass Pole-Star portal of a Vaginal Wormhole into other Parallel Universes whereby her Master is then enabled to walk Alternate Worlds to know of the Dead yet Alive for there is no Death, merely Transitions between Universes Parallel to ones own, and when to visit, one is a Ghost. She will at times be seen when in human form to be drumming ecstatically naked with her braided hair wild and free and all serpentine and she to be Mongolian in looks born of the Altai and exceedingly beautiful to look upon. She will, sometimes manifest as a small horse that one can find in Mongolia or that of an eight-legged female centaur of an Unmarked, Marked State operator tethered to the Multiverse world tree upon whose back she will allow her Master to ride. She governs 30 Legions of hybrid Power Animals, which manifest as surreal living toys as well as numerous other playful Little-Lost-Girl Shaman Spirits like unto herself as her inferiors.

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