Sunday, December 14, 2008


by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
I didn’t get much sleep last night thinking about underwear Have you ever stopped to consider underwear in the abstract When you really dig into it some shocking problems are raised Underwear is something we all have to deal with Everyone wears some kind of underwear Even Indians wear underwear Even Cubans wear underwear The Pope wears underwear I hope The Governor of Louisiana wears underwear I saw him on TV He must have had tight underwear He squirmed a lot Underwear can really get you in a bind You have seen the underwear ads for men and women so alike but so different Women’s underwear holds things up Men’s underwear holds things down Underwear is one thing men and women do have in common Underwear is all we have between us You have seen the three-color pictures with crotches encircled to show the areas of extra strength with three-way stretch promising full freedom of action Don’t be deceived It’s all based on the two-party system which doesn’t allow much freedom of choice the way things are set up America in its Underwear struggles thru the night Underwear controls everything in the end Take foundation garments for instance They are really fascist forms of underground government making people believe something but the truth telling you what you can of can’t do Did you ever try to get around a girdle Perhaps Non-Violent Action is the only answer Did Gandhi wear a girdle? Did Lady Macbeth wear a girdle? Was that why Macbeth murdered sleep? And the spot she was always rubbing - Was it really her underwear? Modern anglosaxon ladies must have huge guilt complexes always washing and washing and washing Out damned spot Underwear with spots very suspicious Underwear with bulges very shocking Underwear on clothesline a great flag of freedom Someone has escaped his Underwear May be naked somewhere Help! But don’t worry Everybody’s still hung up in it There won’t be no real revolution And poetry still the underwear of the soul And underwear still covering a multitude of faults in the geological sense - strange sedimentary stones, inscrutable cracks! If I were you I’d keep aside an oversize pair of winter underwear Do not go naked into that good night And in the meantime keep calm and warm and dry No use stirring ourselves up prematurely ‘over Nothing’ Move forward with dignity hand in vest Don’t get emotional And death shall have no dominion There’s plenty of time my darling Are we not still young and easy? Don’t shout.

Oof! Tighty-whiteys!
Thank God treebu helped me liberate myself from those and into the undershorts culture; this confirms that I am no longer staying prepared to don the skates & pads and leap onto the ice in pursuit of the prized puck so much these days.

And as soon as T gets home from work (if I'm already home), I dash to help her out of that oppressive Helga bra-rig that has constricted her all day long.
Why do we dance to the tune of the Underwear Institute?
NEXT: Deodorants/Antirespirants
Hey fun for treebu! I accidentally did that for Kevin when I bought him boxer/briefs...he still raves about them..had no idea they existed.. :)

-Alice @ work still...

but hey look! you are a teacher (I think) - you can appreciate my glee in receiving this for my last assignment which I shall post here cuz why not - it's my blog.. :)



Your annotations were extremely interesting and Del read every word. These are the sorts of annotations that one could use later when writing a research paper. This is one of the purposes of the class because so many students just "Google it" and that is the end of the so called research. Then, they wonder why they have poor grades when transferring to a college or university.

Grade 40/40

Del and Kevin

It was like the discovery of Not Wearing Any Underpants. Thank you God for showing me the path to T to liberate me from this nuisance! Best of both worlds!
And I, Treebu, hate underpants. I want to have nothing between me and my Calvin Kleins! I just dont care about CK . He never did anything for my career. And Brooke shields and I have Eileen Ford in common. Love ya miss Alice!
Eileen Ford...hmm...I remember my fantasies about her...

Silly girl I was...

Yay Alice! But - of course! No surprises that you'd be a great annotator. You have an alert mind's ear and a comfy voice on the page.

I have the great good fortune to be a community college teacher of English - usually Comp, but now Lit.

When I teach in Vermont, where (thanks to Howard Dean's governorship) most of the kids coming in as freshmen (thirteenth graders) are confident in writing and talking, the step of annotation in the Big Paper - from where I am to UVM - can feel kind of new and daunting.. You should come out and help me teach the annotation part.
So this is where the real party people are.

Masquerade Party

If the world was invited
to a masquerade party,
Most people would arrive early
and a select few would be tardy.
There's so many different
costumes you would see.
Some would look 'kind of busy'
and others, maybe, 'carefree'.
Maybe some would
appear as 'cute as a bug',
watch them as they dance...
bet they could really 'cut a rug'.
So many of them
would be scary, I bet.
Don't be afraid though
because they haven't unmasked, yet!
At the end of this masquerade
we get to see who's really who...
This, my friend, is more scary
because you'll find they're not the people you thought you knew.

cecelia warner

Hiya Vernon... yes...anytime you wanna blog here feel free..I will find you because I get an email when someone posts here...we'll call it the fringe blog yeah? ;)

How's everything going with you?

Wow, is this some sort of a poetry about underwear, particularly that of bras, panties, shapewear, girdles and night gowns? :D
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