Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Welcome Secretary Clinton:

Obama's Promises to Be Kept - Posted by Al Giordano - December 1, 2008 at 8:01 pm ... Now, let's take a look at some of the actions in this American Hemisphere that Secretary Clinton, once installed, will have to undertake to comply with the campaign promises made by candidate Obama, some of which run counter to her own campaign stances, others that she evolved to adopt during the campaign, and some big ones that are time bound, in which Obama and sometimes Clinton pledged to do them within "six months" or within "one year" from assuming office on January 20... ... Promise #1: Renegotiate NAFTA within six months Promise #2: Block the US Colombia Trade Deal Promise #3: Meet with US-Shunned World Leaders in First Year Misc. Promises... Of course, not all of Obama's promises regarding US-Latin American policy will go through the State Department. Immigration reform - putting twelve million undocumented Americans on the same path to citizenship that virtually all our ancestors had the opportunity to gain - will more be the domain of other cabinet members and the White House staff setting priorities in Congress. But it's another "red zone" to watch that will give indications "in the first year" of the Obama presidency, because that's the timeline - one year - that Obama himself put on it. Obama has yet to break a single campaign promise. Hooray. Of course, he's not president yet. But in this hemisphere, these are the flash points through which we will know, during his first year in office, whether he told us the truth. I'm not alone in looking forward to the day, one year into Obama's presidential term, when we can congratulate him - and his Secretary of State, who would make even her historic critics proud and whose redemption will not come through a mere cabinet appointment but by whether she complies with the goals promised for it. Good luck, Mr. President and Madame Secretary. Those are big and important promises to keep. And please do never forget, they are promises. * COHA will be releasing the following memorandum to the press in the upcoming weeks concerning the Obama Administration’s Policies toward Latin America, Argentina’s Water Measures and Washington’s Potential New Take on the Cuban Embargo.

• The Obama Administration and Washington’s Evolving Latin American Policies

• Argentina’s President Fernández de Kirchner Makes One Big Mistake in Vetoing Water Commodification Measure

• Degaussing Cuba: Washington Might Show Some Class When It Rids Itself of Its Mindless Vendetta Politics towards Havana

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